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Guest Sarafan

I will not reveal myself by allowing my precious account here to go to the netherworld. Nor will I allow my published works to be removed by posting under my account. However I do like to see a phony old harridan get her comeuppance on an online forum where she thinks her feces isn't smelly.


Sara soulja on!

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Guest Pioneer1Fan

That's OK baby.

You have all types of fans following you around out here....with your SEXY self!

And I KNOW you're sexy because I can tell from the way you post.
I bet you're one of those sexy brothers I see in the car next to me on the freeway on my way to work during a traffic jam.

I only wished you loved your fans as much as we love you.

Here's a picture of myself to take your mind off of that devilish Sarafan

Image result for Kerry Washington


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