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I done got hooked.

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Hello All,

For all of you who are smart enough not to play any of those games on Facebook, good for you, don't get started. I made the mistake of beginning Zoo World. The game reminds me of the old Sim City game. I loved that game. Anyway, I started playing Zoo World and I'm hooked on it, like a crackhead to a pipe.

Yesterday, I picked up my mail and got my copy of Ralph Ellison's new book Three Days Before the Shooting. I pulled that heavy ass book out of the envelope and felt my heart break into three different pieces. The book is over 1000 pages long! Oh yeah, it's a thick one. I picked up the book, then dropped it back down on my mother's dining room table and proceeded to whine like a 5 years old. My thick book phobia came in, took a seat, asked for a beer and grabbed the remote and started changing the channels on the TV. This ain't going to be pretty.

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Thumper, I avoid ALL of those facebook games like the plague. Facebook "management" has already added at least an hour to my work day (admittedly 75% of that time is goofing off). If I spent time playing games I'd never get any work done. Plus I completely ignore all "hits with pillows", "mafia war" -- all that stuff!

Man I'm glad you mentioned the Ellison Book: http://aalbc.com/authors/ellison.htm I was completely unaware of it -- thanks!


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I too couldn't wait for the publication of Ralph Ellison's final (?) work. Going on a cruise in a week thought I would take in along to get started. Then I saw it at my local independent at 1000+ pages, i think I will be reading this in small doses, when I get back. The weight of the book alone may cause me to pay extra for luggage at airport check in. :angry: So I will be reading "A Question of Freedom" by R. Dwayne Betts instead, so I can discuss it with my students at the high school I work at when I get back from vacation.

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