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Now Available: White Man's Disease

Dr T

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New blog post "Dr CD"

Readers of White Man's Disease willl remember Aaron (Dr CD) from the Coming Out chapter. If you haven't read it, Aaron had a small part in the book but was a significant inspiration to me in telling my story, as becomes clear in Coming Out. Here are his brief reflections upon completing the book http://www.whitemansdisease.com/blog

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New blog post: White Man's Disease is neither overtly about race nor a disease. So why that title? You find out midway through the book, but p. 1 details where I first heard the phrase. The 1st chap is called "This is Not About Basketball" (which the book is not about even though it contains chapters called "Dr J" and "Magic"). Read p. 1 here http://www.whitemansdisease.com/blog

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Thx Troy, looks good. Couple questions/comments: 1. Where might an author use this on your site? (Or are you just brainstorming at this point); 2. Any chance the back cover can be angled more so that one can read the text (yes I am being choosy about something that is free!)

slightly off topic: I am days away from having an eBook release to all digital retailers. Does AALBC do anything in particular with promoting or retailing eBooks? Thank you...Paul

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LOL yeah you are being choosy for something free, but don't worry about I'll post another graphic for you (for free) shortly

Yes I've begun creating these images as enhancements for the Large Book Ad.  If you go to any AALBC.com page (expect the discussion forums), you'll see those the large book cover ads on the right hand sde of the page (on the homepage they are in the center of the page).  I have not announced it as a new feature yet.


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