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Are We All Just Ni**ers To Some Police Officers

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Here I am back on this forum after finishing another 6 month work assignment of 10 hour days for 6 days per week. That work schedule leaves me too drained for anything else, but food and rest. Yet as I come back I viewed videos of 2 men shot and killed like rabid dogs in the streets by those sworn to protect us, one in Louisiana and one in Minnesota. This is the most disturbed I have felt in years since it seems that even the most mundane encounter with the wrong police officer can end in your death.


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Like Cynique said....yes.

And as long as AfroAmericans continue to occupy the role as "children" in this society refusing to take control of their own destiny and design a future for themselves they will continue to find themselves asking this and other similar questions over and over again.

If you don't want to be victimized by White racism then do something about it.
Send your sons and daughters to the police force so that they can be apart of law enforcements to ensure that cops aren't misusing or abusing their power.

In many respects AfroAmericans are like little children living in someone else's house who refuse to take responsiblity for their own communities but would rather sit around waiting for White people in power to "treat them right".

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