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Interesting Photos of Black Authors from Events Over the Years

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As part of the on going AALBC.com upgrade effort. I've added a photo gallery to the website.  Now a photo gallery is not a big deal to add to a site, but I've been hosting most of my photos on Facebook.  Which at the time seemed like a good idea as I could tag people and they could like the photos.  Today however I now this was a mistake because now (Jul 9, 2017) Facebook beats AALBC.com on a query I should own, "https://www.google.com/search?q=aalbc+photos."


Given the photos I've added to Facebooks, and the lack of organized images on AALBC.com, Facebook should win.  I added a Photo Gallery and have added almost 1,000 photos--today alone. 


I have thousand of more photos.  Many of them were taken by my photographer friend, Marcia Wilson of WideVision Photography.  We hope to be able to monetize these images by selling prints or digital rights.


Ultimately I will delete all of the images from my Facebook page.  Unfortunately, I still can't access my Facebook Fan page.  It simply times out, There is a set of photos I need to download from Facebook, but I can't access it and I can't find a local copy... Hopefully I'll be able to retrieve those images.







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