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harry brown

Black Police,Kills White Woman.

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In Minnesota ,Black .Police Officer Shoots,Kills White ,Australia,Woman. Police Camera ,,Not Own. I Wondered If A Black,Police Shot A White Person ,How White People,Would,React. ..New York,Video Of .Eric Garner ,Choked To Death By White Police,Video Of Walter Scott,Murdered By,White Police In South Carolina,Mcdonald In Chicago,Castille,In Minnesota ,On Video,. Michael Brown,Murdered By Racist White Police In Fergurson..Want To See White Police Come To The Black Police Officer Defense,Like  They Do With White Police,When They Murder,Unarmed Black Males..11 Dead In. Chicago,Including 10,Year Old,White Police Officer Indicted In. Texas,For The Murder,Of 15, Year Old Black. Boy..White Police Say It Happened, One Way, Video Camera Say Different .White Police ,Officer Was Fired...O. J.  Simpson  Might Get Out. Soon??..

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They didn't come right out and say the cop who shot her was Black at first, but I figured it was a Black police officer by the way the media was covering the story from the jump.

First of all they kept pointing on all the things the cops did wrong like not having their body cameras on.
Usually they start off blaming the victim and giving the police account of what happened, but THIS time they were strangely "objective".

Being objective and stating only facts?
That's SO unlike the American media....lol.

Then they started showing more and more pictures of the victim smiling and hugged up with loved ones.
No mug shots or crazy photos of her throwing up gang signs.....all nice empathetic pictures to draw the sympathy of the public.

I also thought it was a little strange that in most police shootings the media reported the police officer's narrative about what happened but this time the media for some strange reason didn't have the cop's side of the story; or if they did have it they weren't putting it out.

Once they made the public fall in love with the victim and painted the cop as some mysterious dark figure.....WHAMM.....they release the fact that he's Black.

I think the MEDIA is more responsible for making this a racial story than the police officer or the victim because they clearly held back information in order to build up the story.

They did the same thing with the 4 missing men in Pennsylvania.
They knew these young men were dead and buried even when they were reporting them as "missing".
A lot of people go missing but they don't make it national news so I knew they had more information than they were releasing.

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Well, here we go. A woman was shot and killed by a cop when no crime was committed, there were no complaints made other than her calling the police, there was no weapon found on or near her and the video cam of the police was allegedly off (or was it?). There certainly will be no out cry from the Negro community over the shooting. Nothing but crickets can be heard at this point. For the record, I cringe every time I hear of a police shooting. It's rare that the use of lethal force is justified in these police killings. What is more egregious and daunting, is the Blue Wall of Silence, complicity, and collusion by the police to protect these officers when these unwarranted and over zealous shootings occur. To me, that is the core of the rot that allows these shootings to go unabated and unchallenged. And when they go to court (if it gets that far) the chances of a police officer being convicted of unjustly killing some one is virtually nil. FACT CHECK IT!


One more thing. For the record, contrary to what Negroes believe -white people are also shot and killed by the police unnecessarily. And I have yet to see whites surrounding the police head quarters and protesting in a menacing manner, threatening the police or rioting in their communities in response to these shootings. I recall of a white 22-year-old kid being shot multiple times while he was sitting in his car here in San Diego. He had committed no crime other than not using his turn signal. The police said they thought he had a gun. There was none. There was a video of a white man being ordered out of his vehicle by the S.D. County Sheriffs. In the video you could see the man step out with both hands raised -you could count all ten of his fingers! As soon as he stepped out with his hands raised, they put him down. In Northen Cal a mentally ill young white male was beaten to death by the police. There is an audio of the young man pleading for his life and screaming for his father to save him. The police were in a beat down frenzy and finished him off. An all white jury found all of the white police officers not guilty of beating a young white man to death. Done deal! 


I am not one to excoriate and condemn the police outright for the behavior of a few. Most police officers serve a noble purpose and they do their jobs well considering the pressures they are under. The police stop, detain, arrest, pursue, confront and arrest thousands of people every single day. We only hear about the cases that went wrong. What bothers me is when these rogue cops take the law into their hands by executing people in a manner that cannot be justified. Worse is the Blue Wall of Silence, complicity, and collusion by the police to cover up and justify an unwarranted killing. The other thing that I find equally unacceptable is Negroes screaming the police are racist when a black person is shot. Other than the cop being white and the victim being black -what other proof do Negroes have that the office is a racist? THERE IS NONE! Cops who generally over react do so out of fear, malice or not being properly and effectively trained. 


Again -what proof do Negroes have that the officer is a racist? It is a convenient nefarious accusation Negroes are notorious for. The bottom line is an unwarranted killing does not prove in any way the officer is a racist simply by saying so. The shooting may be unwarranted and totally unnecessary. I think we can all agree to this. But what proof is there that the officer acted out of a conscious lethal race driven impulse? Other than wanting to believe the cop is racist, I know of no cases where verifiable documentation and/or irrefutable evidence that the officer in question was a white racist was provided. Is the black cop who shot this white female a racist? He is not the same race as his victim. I hear no one stridently declaring that he is a black racist. Why? Rouge cops do what they do and their victims can be white or black. 

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Mohamed Noor the policeman who shot, the Australian woman in Minnesota is a Somali-American and is, in all probably, a Muslim.  He's not your run of the mill black cop.  He is a college graduate and became a cop because he had a calling to go into law enforcement.  He also has previous complaints lodged against him because of his aggressive behavior. I'll reserve judgment on this case.
However, unlike ZEON, i'm a little less inclined to give white cops the benefit of the doubt.  And perhaps where i live influences this.  In Chicagoland, there is literally an "us-against-them" relationship between white cops and black people, and these white cops are not backing down. They shoot at the drop of a hat and if they don't start out as racists they become them after dealing with black folks.  And just because black people are also guilty of being racist doesn't prove anything except that 2 rights don't make a wrong. 
A WEB site run by a white cop was uncovered by authorities in the city and what the thousands of white cops were posting on it was as racist as you could get.  And yes, these bullies harass white people as well. There is also a high rate of sexual harassment of female cops by their fellow officers.  And make no mistake about it, they are a Fraternal Order who protect their own.  
My opinion is that white people  who aren't racist, who are even-tempered, and  capable of exercising good judgment don't become cops. They go into other professions.  And if they do enter law enforcement, they eventually quit, becoming disillusioned  after observing the misconduct of  cops of all races. 
Finally  i would say that these young black punks out there need to stop testing these trigger happy cops, and other blacks should use common sense with dealing with them.  These guys want to be looked up to and treated with respect and since they are in authority, humoring them is the best defense against them, albeit an unreliable one.
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The sad thing is.......

Most Black youth who are inclind toward criminality aren't "testing" these cops.

Sadly, I don't think they know any better and pretty much aren't smart enough to stay out of trouble or avoid confrontation.

Imagine a bunch of squirrels darting in and out of the street ducking and dodging cars, some of them get hit while others make it across the road.

To humans of higher intelligence what they're doing doesn't make sense, but to THEM they don't see any other options or alternatives.

Over 20 years ago I did security at an apartment complex and I was amazed at how blazen and frankly stupid a lot of those (many who were actually older than me) who were engaging in criminal behavior were.

Many sold drugs openly despite the fact that cameras were all over the place.
Others stood around begging and harassing people for money.
Some would see bikes laying on the ground or on the grass and after a few looks around would pick the bikes up and try to walk off or ride off with them and this often would lead to fights from the owners but the fact that so many people would steal without planning or seriously trying to conceal their activities were amazing.

It's almost like they either WANTED to go to jail or just simply didn't think about that aspect.

And then the police would come.............

I was doing security but I had to shake my head at what I'd see.
I actually felt sorry for most of the people who were getting in trouble because they clearly had mental or intellectual problems that I think went beyond the drug and alcohol problems many had.

You KNOW the police don't like you and are armed yet you stand their cussing and arguing with 4 or 5 police officers and even try to run away!

Many people would get arrested basically for nothing but much of it was THEIR FAULT.

People see the police engaging with someone over an incident and would come out of their unit and instead of monitoring the situation which is legal and what citizens should do.....they'd start jumping in and trying to tell the officers what to do and even touching them and end up getting arrested and hauled off themselves!

What was even dumber was that often times they'd come down high with drugs either in their pockets or even in their hands!

But these weren't community activists, these were people who are drunk and high and just had some weird crazy idea to come down and meddle in with what the cops were doing.

And that was just one experience.

Ofcourse many police officers do a lot of criminal and underhanding things.
But that security job taught me a lot about how a lot of Black people THEMSELVES often get themselves in trouble with the police doing stupid shit and they really should know better than to do.

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