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Obama's Greatest Hour

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I told ya so, though I was only reporting what everybody has known for months.

Obama and the Demorcrats are going to get their butts whipped. Their heads handed to them. The voters are gonna whip them like they STOLE something.

They were too greedy. This wasn't 1933 and they ain't Franklin Roosevelt administration.

They should have kept their troops mobilized. Like good, ole time Chicago pols, they told all the committed idealistic young people to go sit down. We got this. Now they looking for them.


But this presents an opportunity to see what the man is made of.

Can he survive the next two years, sure to be a bloody, nasty desperate back to the wall fight and win in 2012?

As long as he doesn't lose them by too much, he could lose BOTH houses and still surive--if he still got anything left.


What do you say, Cynique? You know what's going down in Chi Town.

Can Rahm win the Mayor's seat--it would be a big help for Obama in 2012.

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Well, Chrishayden, I have no idea how the mayoral race in Chicago will end up. The field is very crowded. The Hispanic vote will be pivotal and they are fielding a couple of candidates. The Blacks, as usual, are on the verge of a power struggle between all of the hopefuls stepping forward, and this will undoubtedly be compounded by a bid for the black women's vote who ex-senator Carole Mosely Braun will be seeking now that she has thrown her hat into the ring.

An endorsement of any of these candidates by Obama might be poison because his popularity is fading fast among white voters, and if he backs Rahm Emanuel, Blacks and Hispanics will be mad. If he backs a candidate who ends up losing, this will also damage him.

All I can say is that it will be interesting to watch since, not being a Chicago resident, I won't be able to vote. Let the games begin.

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