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Soldier La David Johnson, Widow Speaks.

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Widow Of Fallen Soldier La David Johnson Speaks. Soldier,La David Johnson Was Killed With 3 Others In Africa. ,They Were ,Ambushed. Other 3 Soldiers  Were White. Lunatic Trump Spoke,To  La David Johnson Widow. She Said She Felt Worse ,After Listening To Trump. Trump Said ,He Knew What He Signed,Up For. Disrespectful. Trump Talking  Disrespectful,To A Fallen Soldiers Family, As He Says Football Players Are Disrespectful When They Kneel Down During The National Anthem. News ,Politicians Did Not Know U. S. Soldiers were In,Niger -Africa. Trump Is A Racist  Lunatic ,Disrespecting ,A Black Fallen Soldiers Family ,He Supported Neo Nazi With Nazi Flag,And The U. S. Flag Marching With Torches In Charlottesville In August......Soldier La David Johnson Was Looking Forward To Their Third Child,His Widow Is Pregnant. He Has A Son And A Daughter. Black Man Disrespected After He Gives His Life Serving,His Country..

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Sgt. La David Johnson is the quintessential example of  the service men who so-called patriots quiver about when they speak of those who died for the beloved American flag.   This black hero lost his life participating in some ill-planned covert mission comparable to the Benghazi disaster, and '"45" consoles the grieving widow by implying that "her guy"  knew what he signed up for, so tough luck


Johnson sacrificed his life by participating in a failed terrorist exercise, but because the piece of cloth he died for has been co-opted by white bigots who have a double standard when it comes to whose freedom and justice  the flag is supposed to represent, he died in vain. 


To add insult to injury the Congresswoman who was in a hearse with Johnson's wife because she was a personal friend of the family, and who heard the conversation  between the widow and president "pumpkin head"  on the speaker phone, is now being called a liar who invaded the privacy of the widow by listening in on her phone call the from Tramp, and publicly revealing what was said.  Now "she said/he said" bickering is going on  between Trump and his team, which includes his chief of staff, General John Kelly. These devious apologists are trying to belittle and discredit the congresswoman.  Another hot mess roiling in the American cauldron.  I just wish the widow had taken the folded flag presented to her and thrown it on the floor because it does not live up to its promises. Demonstrating against discrimination is now considered unacceptable by most white Americans.  


A FaceBook video explained for those who don't know, that the Star Spangled  Banner was inspired by a battle during the War of 1812 when American colonists were engaged in combat with England over control of Canada.  About  600 escaped slaves participated in one particular confrontation, fighting for the British side with the promise that they would be freed at its conclusion.  In the second verse of the anthem, the composer, slave owner Francis Scott Key, glorifies how the colonists successfully prevailed , and gloated how no runaways or those in captivity would be free from the southern tradition of slavery.  


 Why would black people want to revere this irrelevant song?  The black national anthem by James Weldon Johnson is so much more inspiring. 


 Lift ev'ry voice and sing,
Till earth and heaven ring.
Ring with the harmonies of Liberty;
Let our rejoicing rise,
High as the list'ning skies,
Let it resound loud as the rolling sea.
Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us,
Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us;
Facing the rising sun of our new day begun,
Let us march on till victory is won.

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I'm very suprised that the mainstream media hasn't raised the issue of RACE in this entire story.....yet.

With the obvious fact that this brother and wife were both Black as well as the Congresswoman being a Black Democrat and all of them going head up with the suspected racist Donald Trump, you would think there would be atleast some chatter about it in the commentary sections of media outlets.

With all of this though, I STILL support Black people joining the American military.

If White men are getting military training and know how to use guns, I want BLACK MEN to get military training and know how to use guns.

When you tell Black people to stay out of the military of their own country....
You're basically telling them to proudly become sitting ducks for well armed racists.

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What do you consider the mainstream media?  Every story I've heard about the  LaDavid Johnson tragedy on the evening news and daily newspapers reports how the Congressional Black Caucus is demanding that Trump and Kelly apologize for disrespecting and mocking this black law maker.  


Nobody is telling blacks to stay out of the military.  Blacks serving their country are who protesters can point to when patriots say they are dishonoring the flag young men fought and died for.  What better retort than to remind these neo-fascists that black guys also fought and died for their people to be free to challenge injustice. 

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Mainstream media would be the major accredited new sources like CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, NBC, ABC, ect.....that have a history of practicing professional journalism and usually are the first to get major news stories.

As opposed to the thousands of alternative news sources like Infowars or Huffington Post, most of whom have a very pronounced bias in the news they report and usually get much of the news THEY'RE reporting from the  mainstream too.

My desire for a Black presence in the military has less to do with proving a point to racists who wouldn't like them no matter what they accomplished and more to do with:


1. Making sure that the military charged to defend this nation both internally and externally have enough Black people in it to HOPEFULLY preven that military from being turned on Black citizens.

2. Making sure that Black people in this society have the ability to get the same weapons and defense training that White people are getting, lessening their vulnerability to racist assaults.


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