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It’s bad enough that show biz divas are caught up in the latest fad, somehow convinced that the rest of the world gives a damn about their pregnancies as they flaunt their baby bumps in tight dresses that make their figures look like the question marks that come to mind with the announcement of the bizarre names chosen for the squalling little snots they pop out. Lately, another craze is invading the realm of dysfunctional circles, competing for public attention. Anorexia, bulimia, self-mutilation are not enough to evoke sympathy for skeletal starlets who hate themselves, or brooding hunks who’ve taken to poppin pills. The equal opportunity offense of being molested as a child has now joined the competition and suddenly every other celebrity reports having been sexually abused when they were growing up. Whassup wid dat???

I realize this sexual perversion is a fact of life, but I’m still curious about it, mostly because I personally don’t know anyone who acknowledges being molested as a child! Yet, studies show that it is not uncommon, and adding insult to injury, the perpetrators are invariably a relative or a family friend. Whassup wid dis? Are we to accept that innocent children are fair game for grown-ups? Pedophilia is supposedly a complicated mental illness, but so many of these offenses seem to be just a simple matter of lecherous opportunists taking advantage of defenseless kids, turning them into objects to be fondled and penetrated, or forced to perform oral sex, all of which can be engaged in with adults. So why children? Is latent pedophilia the culprit??? Why do men harbor sexual fantasies about girls in ponytails wearing catholic school uniforms replete with white cotton panties? Is this a natural instinct that’s kept in check by will power?

What does all of this say about the human species? Sex, like hunger and thirst, is a primary drive. Somewhere during the course of evolution Homo Sapiens maybe decided they could eat and drink whatever they wanted, but it was best not to get caught over-indulging their appetite for different sex partners. Was this because the brain began to compete with the genitals, and emotions gradually took root? That the sexually-abused are usually unwilling victims of those whose sneakiness is an admission of their guilt would seem to prove that imprinted on the psyche is an inherent sense of right and wrong. But such awareness does not always quell impulses, and horniness does tend to impair the good judgment of the testosterone crowd. Men from all walks of life risk shame and ruin just to enjoy the thrill of a fresh piece of tail - the younger and kinkier, the better. Cheating husbands patronize strip clubs, stepfathers take liberties with stepdaughters, bosses harass voluptuous employees, coaches seduce agile young nymphets, politicians makes themselves candidates for scandal, clergymen anoint the females eager to kneel at the altar of their fly zippers. To a lesser degree, women are guilty too, certain ones succumbing to the appeal of ripe young studs with ever-ready batteries swinging between their legs. There has to be an explanation for this errant behavior. I’d check the clinical literature on it, but it is probably written by psychiatrists who lusted after their patients, making good use of their couches. Seems like I do, however, remember Freud attributing carnal aberration to feelings of insecurity or a need to exert power.

Another reason obviously has to be that the primitive appetite for forbidden fruit has never disappeared. Like the proverbial slithering serpent, temptation sinks its fangs into the libido. Some can resist it. Many can’t. Desire overpowers decency.

Sooo, as the world turns, illicit passion will continue to wreck homes and careers, and neurotic folks will continue to come forward, attributing their maladjustments to predators who allowed their inner animal to prevail. This is what passes for Civilization in the year of our Lord 2010.

And what can be learned from all of this? Why does a penis or vagina take on a life of its own??? Simple. Human nature has a dark side, and the devil is a voyeur. Sex is what it is; it’s Mankind who screws it up. But y’all knew that, didn’t cha?

Just musing...

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Guess you were reading a little too fast, tabonnefee. In my article I said: "To a lesser degree, women are guilty too, certain ones succumbing to the appeal of ripe young studs with ever-ready batteries swinging between their legs." And I didn't exclude women from succmbing to the fangs of temptation. In my indictment of Mankind, with homage to Eve, I assumed everybody knew that women are a part of "mankind".

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