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While agonizing over a fast reply I wanted to retrieve and correct, I wistfully scanned over it and clicked on the space where the omission occurred, highlighting it, and - voila! Suddenly at the bottom on the post, the "edit" option miraculously appeared. I was then able to make the revision and re-post the corrected text. Talk about serendipity! Hope this wasn't a fluke. I will now use this procedure to see if I can create a smiley face. :)

Aha! it worked. Aren't you glad you don't have to endure my bitchin about this any more, Troy!!

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This is really fun. I already made 3 corrections on my first post. After all of my exclamations, I had the nerve to not proof read my rejoicing.

Slow day, folks. Also a snow day here in Illinois.

Go, Chicago Bears! Roll on, Chicago Bulls! :)

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