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They are singing your praises Troy


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Thanks again @Delano I would have, of course, missed this were it not for you sharing it on AALBC -- thanks!


I still maintain an AALBC Facebook page and shared the image there (see below).  Gwen Richardson, the lady I'm pictured with started her website, cushcity.com the same year I started launched AALBC (1998).  Cush City was one of the largest Black owned websites of the day (it may still be).  Gwen business was covered in business publications and general interest magazines like Jet.


After launching Cush City (Cush City also had a brick and mortar bookstore, which predated the website, but has subsequently closed) Gwen moved on to write several books (one won an NAACP Image Award) and with her husband Willie, launched the National Black Book Festival, which will celebrate it's 13th year in 2019. 


Gwen was one of the few Black owned business, in the book space, that I was was able to collaborate with over the years. For years I regularly reached out to all of the online booksellers I was aware of to collaborate, so my ability to work with here is saying a lot.  


She has managed to roll with the times while I obsessive pursue independence on the web. She is a savvy business woman.




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