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EXCERPT: The Unmaking Of The Black Man


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The social revolution for the control of the black image had a profound impact on the sistas as well. Oppression was not solely a franchise for the black male because harnessed to his very existence was the black woman. After 1865, once she was no longer needed as a breeder of  slaves, she posed a definite threat.

By the start of the 19th century, the black woman was no longer viewed as a “transitional” figure in the dark menace. She was the producer of it. And as the creator of this scourge, what to do about her only became a matter of timing.

All things considered, white America exercised uncommon restraint regarding the black woman. That, considering their disdain for her sons, was admirable. Initially, white tolerance was exemplified by the government’s ban on having more than two children, ads while this was a blanket decree to all women, it was no doubt a nasty strike at the black population explosion. Yet, black births continued.

Once it became apparently clear that black procreation couldn’t be legislated, a vicious sterilization program was enacted.

By the mid 1930s, under the banner of Psychiatry’s Racial Purity :aw, over 15,000 sterilizations were performed in this country, mainly by Dr. Lorthup Stoppard, an avowed racist, who believed what he was doing was humanitarian.

In 1939, the founder of Planned Parenthood,  Margaret Sanger, proposed a plan to eliminate black babies. She  hired black preachers with “engaging personalities” to spread the message that sterilization was the solution for poverty. However, just before this phase of the sterilization project could kick off, worldwide protests shut it down as a human rights violation. America would be forced to halt its sterilization program------or to justify it.

Conveniently,  it was around this time that the concept of IQ was used by Uncle Sam to continue his project under the guise of :scientific justification”. Within a short time, Lewis Terman, declared that blacks were so feeble-minded that they should not be allowed to reproduce. Now, with so-called scientific justification.

The program finally had legs, and in New Orleans, black prisoners were experimented on, and given electrode implants. The psycho-surgery was performed by Dr. Robert Heath of Tulane University, who bragged that “niggers were cheaper to use in experiments than cats because niggers were everywhere.”

Not wanting to miss all the fun, the CIA funded the infamous Dr. Heath to conduct LSD experiments on brothas in the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Not to be outdone, The National Institute of Mental Health got their licks in by feeding brothas a drug, B3, which is 100 times more powerful than LSD. Some of the brothas hallucinated for 77 days in a row!

The Civil Rights Movement helped little as The Mental Retardation Facilities and Communities Health Centers Act was passed in 1963 which placed black school children at great peril. Funded by NIMH, and founded by Dr. Robert Felix, this was white America’s boldest strike against brothas and sistas. This time, they were going for our jugular-----the children. The government, at every level, gave Felix the absolute power to administer powerful psychotropic drugs known to induce aggressive and violent behavior!

Dr. Felix’s Mental Health Center’s Act put psychologists and psychiatrists in public schools in ever=growing numbers, and as the numbers increased, the SAT scores decreased. All at once, teachings about morals, ethics, and human cooperation were substituted with a new “value clarification” system devised by who else---the psychiatrists. These programs led to a moral decline as students were conditioned to choose personal choice over social responsibility.

And this was merely Headstart. In 1965, “Special Education”classes were established via the US Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Now, let’s pause for a bit of reflection. In 1930,  80% of African-Americans over 14 could read. Sixty years later, after twenty=five years of Special Ed, only 56& of the black population could read. Since Dr. Felix, the suicide rate for brothas, 15-19, has zoomed. Surprised. Well, it was known that the drugs would result in violent and suicidal behavior!

On any other planet, it would be astounding that a nation that had tricked unsuspecting black kids into taking mind-altering drugs known to cause violence would a decade or so later want to hunt them down because they were violent and irrational.

Additionally, Lonnie J. West, a psychiatrist, formerly of UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute, preached that the violence of black, urban males was genetic, he recommended castration as a remedy. It was only after nation wide  protests that federal funding dried up, but it was revived in 1982 when Duke University’s Medical School was provided funding to study aggression in black children.

A report by the African-American Coalition for Justice in Social Policy indicates that NIMH’s research parallels the skyrocketing violence in the hood. Jim Brewer of the Coalition stated that “most of the violence in the last three decades has been the results of experiments in the form of drug therapy and psychological school programs. Theses have ravaged our inner cities and manufactured criminals out of young people, all because we unwittingly allowed psychiatrists and psychologists to study behavior in our schools instead of leaving teachers to teach education.” If you, by now, entertain the notion that we have been set up, then welcome to the club.

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On 12/31/2018 at 4:55 PM, Gibran said:

In 1965, “Special Education”classes were established via the US Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Now, let’s pause for a bit of reflection. In 1930,  80% of African-Americans over 14 could read. Sixty years later, after twenty=five years of Special Ed, only 56& of the black population could read.


I know special education is often used against Black boys, removing them from the classroom and eliminating any potential for an education.  But 56% Black illiteracy rate seems high where did you get this figure @Gibran 


I'd be willing to bet 56% of Black people can't get through a literary novel, but I'd also be willing to bet that better than 80% of us are "functionally" literate -- they might not be able to read and comprehend an article in the New York Times, but  they can complete a job application, read signs, etc.

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