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The Economy is not good, if these things are true

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  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • Increased debt
  • Neglected families
  • Media lies and hype


Do not be fooled by media reports of a so-called "good economy." When news anchors and pundits talk of how good the economy is, they fail to tell you that there are two different economies. There is the investor economy and there is the working family economy. They are talking about the investor economy, not the working family economy.


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They are talking about the investor economy, not the working family economy.



When people say the system is failing, I correct them and inform them that "the system" that has them working 2 and 3 jobs and living check to check isn't failing but actually working EXACTLY as it was designed to.
Not to make you wealthy....
And not to force you into miserable poverty.....
But to keep you in that "sweet spot" where you're busting your ass being extemely productive while the only compensation you get for it is just enough funds to keep you alive and satisfied so that you will continue to work.

They've learned from the past that if they work people too hard the labor will either kill them or force them to revolt.
So they work them to right up to the limit and then through in a few toys and trinkets to keep them happy from time to time.

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