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@Gibran Dr. Ephraim is making up things! He is saying things that are not in the Bible and that are not confirmed!


Now, he trying to say that Moses listen to Miriam and put his wife away! 

God told Moses that he was going to get rid of the Hebrews and start all over again with his sons! 

Moses generation was listed all throughout the Old Testament even up to the time of Solomon! 


Again, JUDAH’S descendants MATERNAL ORIGINS is CANAAN HAM through TAMAR!

Again, JOSEPH’S descendants MATERNAL ORIGINS is HAM!!! LOL



This Dr. Ephraim’s name means that he is claiming he is of JOSEPH not the JEWS!


As you mentioned in another post about The Book of JASHER, based on my research it speaks of AbraHAM and agrees with how he became confederate with the Hamites. I too, believe though, that AbraHam went up into the military camp of Shem and this is how he learned how to fight, and later trained the Canaanites born under his household [ie tent city].


I am not into all of the story line about Menelik either, but it is obvious that many of the Hebrews are still in East Africa. It would be ridiculous to think that they migrated all the way to West Africa where the Yoruba’s and Dogons are and, not drop down into Egypt and Nubia and the Horn of Africa. That doesn’t make any sense at all. Of course, many Hebrews migrated or were forced back down into East Africa and thereabouts, just as Deuteronomy 28 stated.


All of this hatred against the Hamitic presence is pointless, IMO and promotes Black-on-Black Hatred--- Self Hatred. We are all intermixed. The Hebrews had terrible conflicts amongst themselves and the Hamites and etc. had conflicts too. But for us today to try and NOT be Hamitic or NOT be African-typed doesn’t seem like a good thing. 


Dr. Epharim’s Y-DNA report shows E1B1A and later he came back and said they did away with the subclade and now, he is listed as simply E1B1A. Today, they say that this group is also significant in the Horn of Africa but that it is also significant in East Asia especially Tiawan, which makes sense to me based on my research. The connection to Sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia seems obvious to me when you look at the Sans Bushmen and how light skinned they can be and their similar Asiatic traits. But nevertheless, the E1B1A and E1B1B is predominantly Africa.


IMO the A group, E1B1A, would definitely be African because the African continent is the dominant land of HAM NOT SHEM! This is detailed in the Bible that AbraHam journeyed in the land of Ham. What is the problem with being associated with Ham and Africa!? So, Dr. Ephraim’s haplogroup being linked to the E group and Shem and Ham should be good IMO. We shouldn’t be fighting over whether it is E1B1A or E1B1B. In the Bible, the Egyptian Hamites lost the priesthood due to idolatry and God gave it to the Hebrews, but later, they lost it too!


The 23andMe, IMO, can be a waste of money because they are tricky. This company only does the MATERNAL LINE EXCLUSIVELY!!! But the Family Tree company are the only ones that test for the Y-DNA Male line!!! Nevertheless, the scientist today have deliberately put out partial information even when it comes to the E group. They have successfully instigated Black-on-Black conflicts over faulty information even about the E-group. They know Black Negroes are Color messy and this is the root of why some Blacks don’t want to be connected to Africa completely, IMO.


AbraHam was pulled out of the early Shemites and separated from Terah, his father for this very reason. Terah bonded with the Assyrians. The Shemites land became flooded with Pedophilia. This is why AbraHam was told to go down into the land of Ham. God corrected the Hamites, He did not reject them. They are not cursed but they laid the pathway for the Black African world.


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