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Working on my 2nd book, Trauma Mama

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Everyone talks about the absent father but not too many in our culture discuss our toxic moms. There have been quite a few articles lately that discuss the generational trauma and disconnect between black mothers and daughters. As a survivor of child abuse, when I speak to other survivors, every woman in the room discusses how toxic their mother was.


It took some time, but I finally gained perspective about my mom and the stories I've been told. Hopefully, this book will help others begin to heal. The genre will be inspirational fiction and span from slavery to the current generation; I may include a future generation as well.


I've been outlining it over these last few months and will start writing next month. I'm going to the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, AL for inspiration. I'm so excited about this next book because I finally get to incorporate my African American Studies degree from Howard.


The spirit moved me so I designed the book cover this week. 


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