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A real miracle


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When do mistakes happen, what makes a miracle real, who decides what value is worth, who thought of us, who painted the canvass of hills that decorate the evening sky the very same horizon that gives the sun reason to climb, who blew bubbles in the sea and set the ocean free, who told the first story, sang the first song, colored the sunset, righted the first wrong, who opened your eyes, who made the rainbow and the slide, invented the moments that contribute to pride, who gave joy to the first boy or uplifted the spirit of the first girl, who played with honor or shouted with glee, ran the first mile or climbed the biggest tree, who heard the first silence, before regret took it’s form, who was there to lay in the first pair of arms, my first are not your first but they are important you see if only to the person and I, you were there with me, who saw my eyes open and spoke words to me, told me I could when I refused to believe, who heard my laughter and heard a melody, who seen  past what the human eye can see. Who combined thoughts and brought vision in time and made dancing a luxury,  and caused the great divide, who gave destiny her map to this place and purposed Devine to intervene in her sweet little way, who selected the colors and was so precise in the stroke, the stroke of the brush when they painted your life, gave you the  courage to embrace hope,  who fostered your imagination or added  fuel to your fire, sent you into the world more than inspired, who crafted your will, carved your desire, who pushed you up and gave you energy as you tired, where was the first kiss you recall received, when did you learn to fall to your knees, who said the word that made you change your mind, had you asking questions,  made you challenge time, who named you with a purpose in mind, who caused your fame, who taught you to be kind, who hugged you, pulled you in close, made you matter even when you lost hope, all of these moments, but a thread of time, knit perfectly together create a unique blanket that when displayed in its glory is the first of its kind, not one second more important than the rest, all brought into one perfect mesh, tangles and  knots but a novelty bring this beauty sailing past the illusion to birth you, this reality,

A miracle 


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