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Eddie Kendrick Park!

harry brown

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At. Eddie. Kendrick. Park,His. Music. Is. Playing. As. We.  Feel. The ,Summer. Breeze,  Birds. In.  The. Trees. Are.  Singing..  My. ,Beloved,Love. Song. For. Her,My. Heart  Does  Enclose..  She  As,Lovely,As  A  Summer  Rose.. Love's  Emotions,  Eddie  -Kendrick's,Songs  Did  Express..  The  Happiness,Sadness  And  The,Loneliness ..  As  We Embrace. ,Each  Touch. And  Kiss.. Brings,Within. Such  Warm  Bliss...  Holding  Hands  ,Laughing  As,We,Walk.  With. Others,Eddie. Kendrick  Music  We  Talk..  As  We,Make. Plans. For. Tonight.  .  We. Will. Be. Intimate,!listening. To,Eddie. Kendrick. Love. Song's. By. Candlelight ..

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I really Eddie Kendricks music and iften played it. Once my ex said she did nit care fir hus music. I was actually very surprised to hear her say that, I assumed his music, like Curtis Mayfield's  was universally enjoyed by Black folks.


Black people are not a monolith huh?


Or liking Curtis Mayfield and Eddie Kendricks is a "test" for Blackness. It certainly is better than @Pioneer1's skin color test 😉

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