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American Uprising: The Untold Story of America's Largest Slave Revolt


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Author Daniel Rasmussen is white. But this is one of the most import books I've read in my life. Everybody knows the name Nat Turner and apparently think his deeds were some sort of an anomaly. They were not. Charles Deslonde led the biggest insurrection in U.S. history against slavery in New Orleans in 1811. The brothers actually had a real chance to take control of New Orleans. But they ultimately did not have the weaponry and of course, the c00nz informed the white imperialists of all the logistics. Deslonde had recent;y been imported from Haiti and had that same mentality that led to the Haitian Revolution from 1791 to 1804. The powers-that-be went to great lengths to suppress the New Orleans uprising and erase it from history as they did not want other enslaved Africans getting any ideas. They only want us knowing about Harriett Tubman and Frederick Douglass.


Denmark Vessey, Gabriel Prosser, John Horse, the brothers on the Amistad; the sister Celia, who killed the white rapist that assaulted her daily, etc. These things happened a lot. Against all odds and knowing they were going to die, our ancestors fought for freedom anyway. Today we'd have a much better chance in situation like this. But the warrior and fighter spirit in a good majority of black Americans has been completely diluted and, in many cases, eliminated.


These are my people. These are my heroes. These are the warriors white America want eliminated from the history books. That's why I give Rasmussen a lot of credit for writing this great book.

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