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Should it matter


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It’s not about what they have when you meet them,

It’s about what you can motivate them to be.

Some others, a partner will do what is needed to keep them but that can't begin till we start,

Some just need a glimpse of what can be and income and potential are true enemies.

No, I ain't down for a mate that can't or won't pull his weight, but let’s keep it real,

How many others really know how to elevate?

I mean help others meet their goals. Help another excel no matter how old.

How much doubt does it take to crush dreams?

How many females are meeting broken brothers because no other female help them or just crushed their dreams, and a hustle is a hustle.

I work 8 to 5, but my work is a hustle so they got two jobs to survive,

We sell ourselves short when we lose compromise,

and when Obama told Michelle he'd be in the White House someday,

I see a woman that had to hold on tightly because that should have, as he is a black man had her running away.

So yes, if they want what you got they will do what they must.

A hustle or job it shouldn't matter to us.

So yes is my answer. A friendship that begins with understanding and ends with love.

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