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Because of your statements on 64 hexagrams for I Ching, 256 for Ifa , and your equation that netted 32 for Kabbalah, I've been poking around the numerical aspects of this seeking some preliminary explanation for the past couple days. I've particularly focused on the number 4. It's funny because the first number I can remember ever being fascinated with was 2, because it is the only EVEN prime number. Mathematics is the only universal language in the universe. That why math, computer coding and Gematria have always fascinated me.


But to answer your question, I've been a seeker since childhood. I talked about my experience with [potentially] the supernatural as a child in these forums. It convinced me that there is definitely more out there that is beyond our human comprehension. Or is it? My little sister and I, when we were as young as 6-7 years old, always used to talk about a "big bald-headed baby" that is just playing with us as his/her dolls, their action figures. As I got older, that "baby" evolved into a CPU that facilitates this potential human simulation. Are we even "real?" What is real? Religion, in my opinion, is a cop-out answer to these difficult, and perhaps unanswerable questions.


Anyway, every question I have about "who am I" and "why am I here" is always answered by more questions. I do believe we learn the answers to at least some of these questions when our human bodies die. I've never been afraid of death because I'm curious as to what happens. But I also am not done studying this world, so I need a few more decades before I'm "ready" for death! :)

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@Delano So this is technically a book forum. It appears there are VERY FEW black astrologers out there or black authors who write about astrology. Thelma Balfour, Basil Fearrington, Gilda Matthews and George Davis are the only ones I could find. You heard of any of them @Troy?


That said, give me a title or two that you like that combines astrology/cosmos and mathematics; or something that does in depth about duality. I need some new bedtime reading material.

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Basil Farrington has posted on FB. I am not familiar with the other authors you mentioned in your post. So I wouldn't be able to suggest Black esoteric authors that combined the two. 


The other issues is that not many astrologers combine theory and practice in their books. 

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I have a think on topics. Although it would be helpful knowing a bit of Astrology Numerology Mathematics or even  computer science. 

Troy might be able to suggest some books. He has studied Astrology and he knows books. 

There are more than a few Black Astrologers. My teacher was Black. 

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On ‎1‎/‎27‎/‎2020 at 2:43 PM, Kareem said:

They don't necessarily have to be black. I just want some literature that provides some depth on duality, and doesn't read like a textbook.

You'd like more knowledge about the concept of "duality" and universal balance......

What do you know about "twin flames"?

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