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Utah Senate passes bill to de-criminalize polygamy

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Yo @Pioneer1 I'm traveling to Cedar City, Utah this weekend and looking at four remote acres in the southwest part of the state. There will be a $750 fine for multiple marriages, but no criminal charges. This is the case that is going to end up in the US Supreme Court, using the same legal arguments that homophile marriages use. Stay tuned. Here is the story.

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Polygamy will probably be legalized. It is kind of hard to justify stopping consenting adults ftom doing what they want to do.


Now the legalization of multiperson marriages will pose a problem for all the systems out there designed to handle marriages bewteen two people. Then again, I see questionnaires with 10 options for gender... i guess they'll figure it out.


@Kareem you'd consider Utah? Is cheap land the draw?

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There are certain powers who are trying to fracture the United States into several different nations instead of one. They want to take Utah, Idaho, Montana, and a few others and form their own nation.

They could have legalized polygamy a long time ago in the United States but with all of the political and social gains AfroAmericans were making in the 50s, 60s, and 70s.....White men were afraid that polygamy would allow AfroAmerican men to not only marry multiple AfroAmerican women but CAUCASIAN WOMEN as well.....and take them away from Caucasian men.
Now that so many AfroAmerican men are socially and economically devastated and no longer pose a threat (so they think) now they're looking at the option.

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1 hour ago, Stefan said:

Pioneer, I never thought about that way. But it sure makes sense.



Like Neely Fuller Jr. has said for decades.......
Everything the White supremacists do, they do to strengthen their power.
It may not always work in their favor and sometimes their plans backfire or fall through...but maintaining power is certainly their intent when making them.

Every law they pass....it's to help them.

Every law they repeal....it's to help them.

If they forbid homosexuality and promote polygamy.....it's to benefit Caucasians and harm AfroAmericans.
If they turn around a few years later and forbid polygamy and instead promote homosexuality.....again, it's to benefit them by destroying the AfroAmerican family and promoting the Caucasian family.
You may not IMMEDIATELY see the logic in this, but after a few decades after you start seeing Black men al over television in dresses and half of the boys running around gay as hell while Caucasian families pretty much remain the same, then you realize the effects these laws have.

Another example are the marijuana laws.............
For decades marijuana was illegal, now all of a sudden they want it legal.  But do they just go ahead and make it legal across the board all over America?????
Nooooooooo.....that's too simple.   So they play political and legal games with it.

They make marijuana LEGAL on the state level but ILLEGAL federally.
You scatch your head and try to figure out why this is so confusing and contradictory. But when you understand the system of White supremacy and how it works you will automatically suspect that SOMEHOW....SOME WAY.....these sneaky bastards are up to no good and it's being done to strengthen white power and harm AfroAmericans.

....and sure enough when you see Caucasians getting rich by opening up dispensaries all over in places like Colorado and Washington while brothers are going to jail left and right for having pounds of weed in their trunk that they THOUGHT was legal, you begin to see that the devils are up to their same old tricks.  


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Yes, that is true. I do not know how many Blacks are languishing behind bars due to being nabbed for possession and sale of weed. But it did irk me that the folks who got the permissions and licenses to sell marijuana are White. 

There are several Black owned weed dispensaries now.


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A few Black owned dispensaries do not make up for the damages that has already been, and continues to be, done.


@Pioneer1 you be pleased to know most of the Black women involved in the cannabis indurstry profiled in the article @Stefan shared are "lightskinded." 😉


Al Harrington says at least 70% of professional athletes and owners use marijuana.


I have nothing against ganja, but I think too many of us invest too much energy and time in getting high.



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Lol @ "lightskinded"......

Man, you bring back old memories with that one!
When I was a school boy me and my partners used to have running jokes over who could extened the "deded" part of light skinned.

-"Man, Deon got a new girlfriend!"

Is she light skindededed?????"

Every now and then a Black person would come along speaking properly and say,  "Light skinned." or "Dark skinned."
But keeping it short and sweet like that sounded weird, lol.

I drink and smoke weed SOCIALLY and OCCASIONALLY; meaning if I'm with some friends and they beg me to do it, I'll indulge to keep things flowing....but don't like getting drunk or high.

You mention that both the athletes AND owners smoke weed, but the difference is most of the owners are Caucasian and I've mentioned time and time again that just because Caucasians indulge and participate in certain behaviors....doesn't mean WE should follow them. Our systems are different and chemicals react differently.

Having been almost all over the United States and Canada and even Europe I've observed that drinking alcohol usually have a POSITIVE effect on Caucasians and makes them more sociable, friendly, and relaxed....but usually has a NEGATIVE effect on Africans and Native Americans (including most Latinos) and makes our people angry and upset. And it often goes down hill from there leading to many health problems.

From time to time I go to college campuses and tell young AfroAmericans to leave the alcohol and weed alone because WE don't need it.

Weed and alcohol are DRUGS, and drugs are designed to correct a problem that the body for whatever reasons isn't fixing. Caucasians have an ANXIETY and FEAR problem, especially when it comes to social situations so alcohol and weed helps to relax them and ease their problem; most AfroAmericans are naturally brave and don't suffer from anxiety and fear problems so we have no NEED for weed and liquor, but they do so because just to imitate  Caucasians.

Many Black men who drink and get high do so because it takes their mind off of taking responsibility for the mess their homes and communities are in. They know they should be confronting their boss at work, or their woman at home and demanding more respect but they'd rather get drunk and get high to avoid the inevitable.

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@Pioneer1 yeah I'm sure some people metabolize liquor and weed differently. I honestly I don't believe anyone "needs" either, and many of us would do much better by abstaining. 


I keep liquor, beer, and wine -- mostly for entertaining. I do drink wine on my own. If I ever drink too much it is with friends. 🙂


I  have not brought any weed since the 80s when you could just by it in the store, in NYC, like a loaf of bread. The last time I scored some bud was when one of my home girls

gave me some medicinal bud. I made brownies -- they were banging.


What I would like to try is a hallucinogen I hear the experience is spirtual 🙂


All the Black people in jail for nonviolent drug crimes should be released and paid restitution from the profits from "legal" marijuana sales.

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