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Black Classic Press Announces, The TMP Series, Books Authored and Formerly Published by The Majority Press

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Black Classic Press Announces, The TMP Series, Books Authored and Formerly Published by The Majority Press


Black Classic Press is pleased to announce the republication of selected titles authored by Tony Martin (1942-2013) and formerly published The Majority Press (TMP). At the time of his death, Martin was a preeminent authority on Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA). The UNIA, founded by Garvey, was the largest Black mass organization ever, with global membership estimated in the millions. 


A native of Trinidad, Martin introduced a generation of students and others to Marcus Garvey. His meticulous work solidified Garvey’s importance to Pan-African history, the Civil Rights Movement, Black Power and African liberation movements around the world. Martin was one of the earliest scholars to view Garvey’s legacy as a lasting testimony in the struggles of Black diasporic people.


According to Paul Coates, publisher of Black Classic Press (BCP),  “Tony was an unbending scholar who fought hard to correct misperceptions about Marcus Garvey and Pan-African history. He fought just as hard for the rights of Black people to interpret and publish our history, unflinchingly, from our perspective.”


Race FirstIn 1983, Martin founded The Majority Press, for those expressed purposes.  “I remember talking with Tony prior to the founding of TMP. His first book on Garvey—Race First—had been successfully published in hardcover by a publisher who refused to issue a less expensive paperback edition,” says Coates. “Tony later obtained the rights for Race First and added it to TMP’s list. He issued a paperback edition, and then went on to author and publish other books on Garvey and Pan African culture. He also published several titles by other authors on related themes.” 


Black Classic Press has agreed with Martin’s estate to publish books from The Majority Press authored by Tony Martin. Initially, BCP will distribute books from the remaining TMP inventory.  According to Coates, “As that inventory is exhausted, BCP will print and re-introduce the TMP titles as a series imprint.” With the addition of books from TMP, Black Classic Press becomes the leading publisher of books by and about Marcus Garvey.


Race First, largely unavailable for several years, will be re-issued as the first book in the new TMP series. Its publication date, August 17, 2020 marks the 133rd anniversary of Marcus Garvey’s birth.


All books in the TMP series will be printed, as needed, by BCP Digital Printing, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Black Classic Press. “Our system of printing books as orders come in, has allowed us to survive and grow our list, keeping all of our titles in print and available,” says Coates.


Attorney Kervin Simms, who negotiated the publishing arrangement for the estate, says: “We are delighted to make this arrangement with Black Classic Press as we continue to honor the legacy of Professor Anthony Martin.  Paul Coates knew Dr. Martin as a scholar and peer publisher. He and Black Classic Press are the right partners to continue the legacy of The Majority Press.” 




Anthony “Tony” Martin

February 21, 1942 – January 17, 2013


Tony Martin received his M.A. and Ph.D. from Michigan State University. He was tenured at Wellesley College where he taught for most of his career.  He founded The Majority Press in 1983 and was one of the foremost scholars on Marcus Garvey and the African Diaspora. 


Black Classic Press


W. Paul Coates founded Black Classic Press in 1978.  The company specializes in republishing obscure and significant works by and about people of African descent.  Coates founded BCP Digital Printing, a state-of-the-art digital printing company, in 1995 as an affiliate of Black Classic Press.

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