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Founded in 1978, by W. Paul Coates, Black Classic Press is devoted to publishing obscure and significant works by and about people of African descent. They specialize in republishing works that are out of print and quite often out of memory. They began publishing because They wanted to extend the memory of what they believe are important books that have helped in meaningful ways to shape the Black diasporic experience and our understanding of the world.

Black Classic Press initial publishing efforts were intended to serve a small but interested group of readers with whom they shared a common love for the same type of book. Working with limited resources, their output of books has been slow but very consistent. It has been made easier by our readers who have become a large network of enthusiastic supporters who praise the books we publish and suggest new books for us to publish.

Influenced by their readers, they have published a list of titles that are essential to any well-rounded understanding of the Black experience. As you review their list of published books, which includes such authors as, Walter Mosley, Yosef ben-Jochannan, Charles L. Blockson, John Henrik Clarke, Eugenia Collier, George L. Jackson, E.Ethelbert Miller, Dorothy Porter and Bobby Seale, we think you will agree.

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