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Social Action, Advocacy and Agents of Change
by Ruby M. Gourdine and Annie W. Brown

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ISBN13: 9781580730556
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There are moments in time when the forces of society, government, and the individual converge to provide a window of opportunity to create something special. For Howard University School of Social Work (HUSSW) the 1970s was such a time. Moving from the era of its esteemed founding dean, Dr. Inabel Burns Lindsay the School transitioned to a new era, with new leadership, new vision, and new energy to secure the future of the School. Using a case study approach this book examines the people, the institution and the processes which sought to use the curriculum of the school to respond to the demands for changes in social work education at HUSSW. The backdrop of the civil rights movement provided the sense of urgency and commitment to the challenges and promises of change.