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All Skin Folk Ain't Kin Folk......


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I'm not a token black guy': A day in the life of Big Narstie (and his mum)  | Music | The Guardian

"Well you know.....
All of ya skin folk....ain't ya kin folk.
Just remember that bruh! "

Brothers and sisters....this is a very "catchy" phrase and  a lot of people have been quoting lately, but this has the potential to be a VERY dangerous statement!

I'm not sure who started it or how long it's been floating around but I've been hearing it a lot this year and a lot of people are using it for what I believe to be the "wrong" reasons.

It reminds me of a term that was pretty common back in the 90s:  Every brother AIN'T a brother.

Brothers and sisters.......
We KNOW that there are some evil and wicked Black people just like we KNOW there are some evil and wicked Caucasians, Asians, and other race.
We KNOW that simply being of the same race doesn't necessarily mean we agree.

But I've been hearing this phrase being said out in the street and even online lately but most of the CONTEXTS that I've been hearing it said in isn't in reference to other AfroAmericans who may be evil, or murderous, or so disgustingly weird that no one in their right mind would want to claim "kinship" with them or have anything to do with them -in which the phrase would be appropriate.
Instead, the phrase is being used by AfroAmericans in reference to other AfroAmericans whom they may have SIMPLE disagreements with or in MILD conflict with.

That phrase is LITERALLY saying:  Just because he's my same color or part of my same race, doesn't mean we're related or family.
And what that's INDIRECTLY saying is:  I don't care if she/he's Black or not, the nigga ain't none of MY family and I'm not going to treat him/her like it!

Treating another person like they are NOT related to you or family....in the African mind....is an attempt to insult them and berate them and is only a few most steps before either calling them "inhuman" or an "enemy".



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All Skinfolk Ain't Kinfolk is the name of a documentary film by Angela Tucker.  You can watch the entire film here.


I have not watched the film yet, so I don't know how "All Skin Folk Ain't Kin Folk" ties in with the film.  I have no idea who the major of New Orleans is right now so I'm sure I'll enjoy the film based upon what I've seem so far 🙂



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Yes Black. People. Genocide. Their. Own. People And. Communities-Crack. Houses. Pimp Houses. Street. Gangs. Slaughtering.  Black -People. In. Streets.  Church. Is. A. Slave. House.  Preachers. -Enslaving -Black. People. Souls. For. Profit.  Black. Politicians.  Do. Not. Have -Kwanzaa.  Principles. Minds......Black. Enslavement. Has. Not. -Stopped...

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Skin folk vs Kin folk......


Many of our people just look for EXCUSES to argue and fight with other Black people and network with Caucasians.

They may used different excuses or find different ways to justify it, but in the end it leads to the same destination.

Hatred for and animosity with your own people.
While loving on and befriending and snuggling up to Caucasians.


I was watching a television show the other day called Family Chantel about a Mulatto  AfroAmerican and Dominican Republican couple.  




Both of those families were Afro-descendant.
They looked similar and acted similar.
But made every effort in the world to fight eachother and NOT get along.

The only time they made some sort of peace is when a White woman sat both families down at a table to keep things at order.
They didn't respect or like eachother but they both respected and liked the White woman.

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