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Being a (White) House Negro Won't Save You From White Supremacy......

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We've seen how Race Soldiers have used the Pandemic and the executive orders and rules related to it to harass AfroAmericans around the nation.
Despite tons of Caucasians who flood beaches and parks breaking all types of Covid 19 Rules.......these soldiers manage to hunt around looking for AfroAmericans to victimize if just 2 of them walk too close to eachother or fart too loud on a breezy day.

Even Dr. Jerome Adams who is U.S. Surgeon General ended up getting a ticket for simply walking through a park WHILE BLACK.
I'm sure they didn't know who he was initially and figured he was "any negro" they could ticket and victimize.





US surgeon general to plead not guilty in Hawaii virus case




Callie Crossley Weighs In On Jerome Adams Controversy: 'It Just Didn't Sit  Well'



HONOLULU (AP) — A lawyer for U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams said Wednesday that his client, who is charged with illegally entering a Hawaii public park that was closed because of the coronavirus, will plead not guilty.

The criminal complaint against Adams, who was on Oahu in August helping with surge testing amid a spike in coronavirus cases, says he and two other men were looking at the view and taking pictures at Kualoa Regional Park on the island’s northeastern coast. The rural park offers a view of the famed Mokolii island, also known as Chinaman’s Hat for its cone shape.


Adams did not appear in court or on a video call for the Wednesday hearing, but his attorney, Michael Green, said his client understands the charge and will plead not guilty.

Because the charge is a “full misdemeanor,” the judge said the not guilty plea could not be entered until Adams decided if he would waive his right to a jury trial. Green said Adams would not waive that right.

The judge set an arraignment date of Nov. 2 in circuit court.


Adams told a police officer who cited him that he was visiting Hawaii to work with Gov. David Ige on COVID-19 and didn’t know parks were closed. Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell had closed them at the time to try to prevent crowding that could spread the virus.

Violating any of the mayor’s emergency orders is punishable as a misdemeanor, with fines of up to $5,000, up to a year in jail or both.

A few days after the citation, Adams appeared with Caldwell at a news conference announcing a partnership between the city and federal government for surge testing.


“I’m proud of every single one of you who has sacrificed over the past several months,” Adams said at the time. “And to the people who are lapsing a little bit, I want you to understand that a little bit of fun right now can result in shutdowns further on down the road. It’s important that we all do the right things right now, even if we don’t feel we are personally at risk.”









Both the Mayor of Honolulu AND the Governor of Hawaii knows that he has this ticket and COULD use their powers to dismiss it and this is usually what happens because of the "unspoken agreement" people in power tend to have with eachother, but both have chosen to "stay out" of it.



Being a House Nicca ain't gonna save you today!






"You giving me a WHAT????
You CAN'T be serious!
But I....I...WURX for da' Pre-Zo-Dent!

I....I'm da Surgeon General !


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