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  1. Yeah that's a no from me. I only watched the first. This is the type of comedy that makes other races laugh. They are very comfortable with this image of how black people talk. That's why videos like this can and will always have hundreds of thousands or millions of views. If you ever want any viral fame or be popularity, just act out a black stereotype that makes people comfortable. Maybe I'm getting old, but I didn't find it funny at all. We don't even talk like that among each other. There's a youtube channel (I won't name it so I won't promote it) that basically reviews books but the guy does it in a "thug" style. Durag, gold chain, bucking his eyes, screaming. It is a very popular channel and goes off the same premise. People watch to see the buffoonery.
  2. @Troy https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/florida-coronavirus-cases-surge-spring-breakers-express-regret-n1168686 Your boy is pulling back on his statements haha
  3. @Troy It's basically from his perspective. I wrote it with a YA audience in mind so I had that figured out. One of my beta readers brought up the profanity and violence and said it might be too much for YA, that's where the concern is coming from. My editor said that YA audiences are pretty mature but I just wanted a little more insight from others. Appreciate the response!
  4. What's up Forum? I have a question. My second novel is a thriller that follows a naive sixteen year old who finds himself in trouble with some rough folks in Detroit in 1990. While it is centered on teens, there are many adult characters and the content is laced with profanity (this is how we spoke growing up) and instances of violence (it is a thriller). There are also characters that have had bouts with drug addiction (there is no drug use in the book). Teens can learn so much from this book, as can adults, giving them the insight on the behavior of the teens and what can be done to help the kids but I am torn between marketing it towards YA or going for adults. I have been researching and there are some YA books with profanity and lewd scenes but those are typically controversial. I was reading how John Green's "Looking for Alaska" is seen as controversial for the language, themes and sex in it. I think The Hunger Games has lots of violence. In order to keep the story authentic, the language has to remain. I wouldn't say that the cursing is gratuitous (there are "F bombs", the n-word) and the violence is typical of a thriller but does anyone have any opinion on this? The overall reception I'm getting from people I've asked is that teens have all that and more going on in their lives and often look for books that reflect it as long as there is some message to it. Any thoughts?
  5. I long to join the "chitlin circuit". I'm like you, I don't like the term but it is what it is. My book(s) deal with topics that probably won't go over well with PWI institutes due to the subject matter but I know for a fact that the African American audience is resonating with them. I'd rather stick with the circuit, that's my audience. "Mainstream" success would be cool, but I feel like there would be pressure to change what and how I write and that would alienate my original audience. I found events through this website and I had my first event planned to sell some books for next week but this damn virus cancelled it haha.
  6. I'm sure that is the least sanitized place on the planet right now lol.
  7. I met a guy on the job today who was much smarter than me. We were talking about stocks and money management. I think he went to school for finance and clearly knew the ins and outs. It made me feel inspired to learn more really. Also, I plan on using him as a consultant once my business really gets going. I meet people smarter than me all the time. I plan on being "Nick Fury" and bringing them all together within my businesses lol.
  8. About half way through King Leopold's Ghost
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