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A Teacher's Take On Republican Chaos

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The following is knowledge/understanding taught in the classroom (where media news falls short):



Chaos in the Republican Party?: Here Is The Sequence To An Unholy Marriage


The 1800's northern slavery abolitionist movement was not well received by the Republican Party.


However, southern Democrats seceded out of fear that Lincoln and Republicans would acquiesce.


Lincoln and Republicans fought a civil war to save the union, not to free the southern black slaves.


Northern Republicans won the war as Lincoln's growing conscience led him to issue emancipation.


Dixie Democrats vowed to protect “their way of life”; southern blacks trusted/joined Republican Party.


Republican abandonment led blacks to switch to the “working-class” Democratic Party under FDR.


Dixie Democrats were invited to join Republican Party as backlash to LBJ and civil rights laws.


THE “UNHOLY MARRIAGE”: working-class social conservatives joining economic conservatives.


Socially conservative former “Dixie-Dems” (galvanized by Trump) now dominate Republican Party.


Economic conservatism proves no match against worldview / religion-based social conservatism.


Social conservatism argues that female gender, darker skin, same-sex attraction are abominations.


The principles of democracy say “live and let live”, “do unto others...”, “equality”, “rights”, etc.


People from ALL racial and cultural groups disregard / violate democratic and “spiritual” principles.

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Interesting take.........


Let me first stay that the System of Caucasian Domination controls BOTH political parties.  And this must be understood and probably should be taught to AfroAmerican children in order to avoid CONFUSION.

People often get lost in too much detail and historical info.
They want concise information they can clearly understand.

Secondly, you make a great observation between Social Conservatives and Economic Conservatives.

Social Conservatives seem to dominate the VOTER BASE of the Republican Party while Economic Conservatives seem to dominate the ELECTED OFFICIALS of the party.

For most of the 20th Century the Republican Party has been the party of the rich and business owners.  But Republicans learned early on as the demographics of the nation began to change and the education of the population began to improve (up until the 1970s) that there wouldn't be enough wealthy Economically Conservative voters available to continue to vote them in and keep them in office...so they had to use OTHER tactics to pull voters away from the Democrat Party.

So they used WEDGE ISSUES like race, abortion, unions, religion, ect...to pull voters away from the Democrat Party.

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Just what classrooms are you talking about?

National elections usually fall under the umbrella of discussing current events in junior, Intermediate and high schools.

Most teachers in public schools usually have wide discretion in how to approach current events. 

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My approach, unfortunately, typically applies to only college level or high school honors classroom curriculums.


A primary reason why most citizens are greatly lacking in knowledge (as surveys reveal) about the essentials of government structure and political manipulation is because too much emphasis is placed on covering current events (with little "political science" context) and on historical memorization exercises (as names and dates are easier to teach and grade) rather than thinking exercises.


The dismay and confusion around Trump's presidency have possibly prompted more young people to value their civics, government, and political science classes and encouraged more teachers to "take the risk" towards a critical thinking approach for ALL of their students.

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If you're only concerned with college or high school honors students, then your research results will be skewered.

You have to get past Apathy and the never ending pursuit of Entertainment. Thinking is hard. Patience and Understanding are even harder. Most people in this country have no idea who their local congressional representative is. They cannot name more than five state capitals if asked on the spot. Ask them to name the Presidents of the country backwards. Most will stop at four or five. This is on the spot asking.

And those folks include high school honors and college students. You have to be curious to seek out knowledge and history. Most put up an attitude and look only for information that pertains to their own group.

Any adult U.S. citizen can register to vote. But some of the most intelligent are barred from voting because polling sites are too distant, they're ex-offenders, owe fines or they lack needed I.D. And not all adults are smart, approachable or even aware of what's really going on.

College may not be for everyone. Learning a trade or tech or industrial pursuits will do it for many. I've met honor students who confessed that teachers gave them higher grades because of gifts, personal relationships or pressure from parents.

Critical thinking is rare these days. Log on to any news forum and you will read ad hominen personal attacks directed at members whose viewpoints anger the simple-minded. Or those who live for drama. The same is true of political debates between candidates or their surrogates. 

There are two major obstacles frustrating our march to full equality and a fair economic system: Ignorance and Selfishness. 

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17 hours ago, Garland Gregory said:

too much emphasis is placed ... on historical memorization exercises rather than thinking exercises.


True, but the challenge is getting the teachers capable of teaching students to think and who are willing to work under the conditions we subject public school teachers to.


@Pioneer1 we will continue to disagree on the motivations of the leadership of our political parties. You feel they are dominated by white racist, I feel they're dominated by people interested in enriching themselves.


Racism, so-called 'wedge" issues, and everything else are just tools used by the oligarchs to maintain power over, and extract wealth from the masses.

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