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Arguing, Debating, or even Discussion Religious Issues with Black Folks

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Neely Fuller Jr. has said for years that it's against the anti-racist code to argue or criticize the religious beliefs of other Black people because it leads to more confusion and division, but I  often engage in it anyway because I like debating religion and history.  

It's like a person who eats food out of boredom.  
You know it's not very healthy but you do it anyway because it gives you something to do and feels good...lol

Well, it's the same when it comes to debating religion and history....
When there's nothing else to talk about and you enjoy the challenge and social interaction that comes from opposite exchanges....debating religion provides an excellent outlet!
But as I've gotten older I realize the bad of this often outweighs the good.
In certain African countries Black people are killing eachother up by the scores and sometimes by the hundreds over religious disagreements.


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When you look at what's going on in places like Burkina Faso, Niger, Sudan, ect...you see Muslims and Christians fighting and killing eachother.

You also see Muslims and Christians fighting and killing among themselves, because what I've noticed is that even when you establish a SINGLE solid religion in the land....after a while people become "bored" and start fighting eachother over HOW to interpret and practice that religion.


I'm starting to believe that these religions are doing exactly as they were designed to do...DIVIDE our people.
Keep them squabbling and fighting with eachother like an unstable household, so that you're too busy trying to survive to do anything else.


The Motivations of Warlords and the Role of Militias in the Central African  Republic – ACCORD



Look at this young men piled up on the back of a pick-up truck with all of their equipment just riding around LOOKING for someone to shoot.

What productive services are they offering?

Are they building a house for the thousands of displaced women and children of their nation?
Are they growing food for the thousands of hungry people of their nation?

Are they headed to the laboratory to come up with a cure for the diseases that afflict those in their nation?

Do they even WANT to do these things?
Or do they want to do EXACTLY what they're doing right now...ride around looking for someone to shoot?


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On 5/29/2021 at 12:23 AM, Troy said:

Good thing you live in the good ole USA, because you might get yourself killed debating someone else’s religious beliefs in another country.


LOL! For real!



On 5/29/2021 at 11:10 AM, Pioneer1 said:

Look at this young men piled up on the back of a pick-up truck with all of their equipment just riding around LOOKING for someone to shoot.


Lol! They are not just riding around LOOKING for someone to shoot.

They are under direction of a higher government, I would suppose, and they are in their military. 

And, I don't think that we as humans only fight over religious beliefs, but governments fight over trade and other things too.



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But if they were part of a military they would most likely have the same military uniforms and be riding military vehicles.
They may be part of a militia or even just a gang.

Either way, I'd bet money they are looking for other people to kill who are just as poor and just as Black as they are.

And I'm sure they have a religion they CLAIM is the "right one" that they use to build their confidence and justify what they do.

Such is the case with so many of our people all around the continent and all around the world.

Those men are probably hardened from battle.   But take away their weapons and put hammers, saws, and shovels in their hands and demand they do some actual WORK towards building up the same villages they helped destroy....and you'd probably see them cry like little babies.


Kanye West cries about abortion, angers with slavery comments at rally for  his presidential campaign - 9Celebrity


"Why can't they find somebody else to do all of that???"


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Now look at this foolishness:





🙄 Way down in Jamaica you have MORE Negroes fighting and tussling with eachother over religious doctrine and how it should be interpreted.

Who's a whore and who's not.
Who should wear make-up and who should not.

Black men all dressed up in suits with nothing better to do than meet up, grab microphones, and challenge eachother over something NEITHER of them wrote but was written thousands of years before each of them were born.

How many of them are building housing for the homeless of Jamaica?
How many of them are building farms and growing food to feed the hungry of Jamaica?
How many are building hospitals and medical laboratories to help heal the sick in Jamaica?
How many are out securing the streets of Jamaica from the criminals and drug cartels that rule so much of that island?

All of the problems Jamaica has, and these characters feel that the most productive thing to do at the time is dress up in suits and spray on cologne and pile up on a stage together like a bunch of spiders just to tangle up and fight until they tumble off the stage.


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As rough as Chicago and L.A. may be, I don't know of any parts of those cities where gangs of young men can ride around in the back of pick-up trucks openly displaying weapons and ammo so brazenly.

I've seen it on television and depicted in, but not in real life.

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They don't ride around in the back of trucks with weapons in Portland or Seattle.
That's not what they consider fun.
They simply riot every night as soon as the sun goes down.

I've heard they finally got a contract with that entertainment network called "Fox News".

Their job is to put on a big show everynight while holding up "BLM" banners to give Fox News something to talk about and fill up half their 24 hour time slot.
White as hell': Portland protesters face off with Trump but are they  eclipsing Black Lives Matter? | Portland | The Guardian

"So guys....what time are you guys gonna let me out ?
I have to be at Starbucks in the morning for a zoom meeting with our clients in Australia"

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On 5/31/2021 at 8:54 PM, Pioneer1 said:

And I'm sure they have a religion they CLAIM is the "right one" that they use to build their confidence and justify what they do.

Such is the case with so many of our people all around the continent and all around the world.


Yes, but education is the key. I don't think that African people are the only ones to mis-use religion as a basis to follow their government, leaders or even form militias to fight others based on religious beliefs that they do not completely understand. This post strikes a cord with me because of what i have been experiencing in the educational sphere with regards to this very month being PRIDE MONTH!!


African American teachers are the ones being supportive of a White Homosexual male teacher in his club to celebrate PRIDE MONTH and I was approached by the Black women to help pass out flyers and activities as well. So after being confronted with this, I decided to research other information and found that 


JUNE 16, is a National/International Day dedicated to African children. It is awesome. African leaders in Africa have started a movement of which concentrates on dealing with terrible issues that jeopardize the lives of Black children. And, I believe this issue connects to RELIGION.


Many of us over here in America do not think about Africa as it relates to our NWO of LBGT movements. Most African countries do NOT accept LBGT at all and some still have it as being against their laws do to their RELIGIOUS BASIS. Many African leaders believe that Homosexuality was introduced into Africa from other sources. And because of RELIGION, I strongly believe that African countries will never accept HOMOSEXUALITY; it is a Religious Right!!! 


And not only Africa, but there are other civilizations in the east world that do not accept HOMOSEXUALITY, but yet, we have been forced to accept it as a federal law and for me, that is a major human right violation based on my religious belief, but more importantly, because African American DOS were forced to deal with this issue as America set up on the backs of slave children that were raped! I believe that African Americans are being severely exploited on this score and we are being set up and being conditioned to have a false sense of security. If our future generations enlist in the military and are part of the LGBT movement, and are sent over to Africa or certain countries, they may be in for a shock. RELIGION may be mis-used by many people all over the world, but in the case of African leaders, I think eventually, people will become better informed about the origins of how the earliest religions and this will be beneficial. 


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My concept of homosexuality has changed over the years, especially after leaving religion AND having lived down in Atlanta which has a very large homosexual & bisexual population.  My attitudes towards it is less hostile and focused on it being an abomination and now more towards it being an abnormality that in some respect may actually be natural...like left-handedness.

There is certainly an LGBT agenda being pushed on Africa and Black people world wide, however I believe that homosexuality and bisexuality occurs in nature to a certain extent and it may be a form of birth control.  I don't know this for sure, but I'm suspecting it.

Now the Bible clearly condemns homosexuality, however it must be understood that those scriptures you're reading was a modification of the scriptures Musa gave to the Caucasians when they were in the caves.  They were engaging in all kinds of sexually deviant behavior like screwing animals and sleeping with their own immediate family...so he had to clean them up from that. 
But those scriptures weren't meant for the entire humanity to follow, especially Black America.  So you must read them in context.

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