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Black. Woman. Gold. Medal. Water. Polo.

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Among. The. Black. Athletes. Who.,Won. , Medals. For. This.  Country., The,Women. Water. Polo. Team. Won. Go!d. Led. By. Ashleigh Johnson.  Who. Was. The. Goalie. For. The. Team.   There. Was. A ,Black. Male. On. The. U S. Men. Water. Polo. Team.  They. Did. Not,Win. A. Medal. I. Don't. Think. ..  ...The. Conversation. About,The. January. 6. Terrorist. Attack. Black. D. C. Police. Officer,Said. He. Was. Called. A. Nigger. That. Was. The. First. Time ,He. Was. Called. A.  Nigger. Wearing. His. Police. Uniform.  .He. ,Seemed. Upset. That. Probably. The. Beginning. I. Wondered. ,What ,Is. Republican. Black. Senator. Tim. Scott. Opinion. Of. Black. Police ,Called. Nigger. By. The. White. Terrorist. Who. Attacked. The. ,Capitol. Building. ...??He. Aid. Trump. Not. To. Be. Blamed. For. The,Attack ....

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Yeah...women's water polo is one of the few sports of the Olympics I spent a considerable amount of time watching.

Much of it was just boring.

Water polo was boring also but seeing all of those women bounding around in g-strings offset the boringness...lol.




Congradulations to our beautiful sister Ashleigh Johnson!

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On 8/15/2021 at 3:20 PM, Troy said:

Besides a handful of youtube videos, I watched very little of the Olympics and I definitely would not have watched water polo 😉


Me either. I did not hear anything about water polo and did not even know it was an olympic sport. But now, I want to find a video of it and watch it. Amazing!


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