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A Tale of 2 Outcomes copied and reposted


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When it came to the Covid vaccine, the  U.S.Government sure missed an opportunity to corral black people into the fold. As it is, a sizable number of black anti-vaxxers have become strange bedfellows with defiant Retrumpican magahats. These 2 factions of the conspiracy theory community are now united by a common foe: the ubiquitous "they",  the deep state government they believe is currently intent on controlling the population and making it dependent on the output of Big Pharma.  


What could the Administration have done differently to convert these pesky black vaccine resistors devoted to YouTube videos contaminated with half truths about the vaccine? All "Big Bruh" had to do was announce that the vaccine would only be available to white people because their numbers were dwindling due to abortions cutting their birth rate. 


BOOM! Once this "whites only" decree was issued, black America would have exploded faster than a gender reveal rocket! Blue skies would've turned gray. Everywhere, all over the country black mobs would've taken to the streets; protestors protesting, demonstrators demonstrating, looters looting, black lives mattering! Voices yelling "We Want The Shot!" would've filled the air as sign-carriers dodged bullets from drive-by shooters. "Down With Racism" chants would've added to the clamor. Calls to impeach Biden would've  been resounding throughout the halls of Congress!  Chaos would've run amok! 


Then, to restore order, the Government could've rescinded the restriction. Fresh from their victory over racism,  Blacks would've then  begun lining up to get the needle.  All would've ended up well. - except for a few of those poked who ended up sick.


Later, in a secret location, ensconced in their luxurious hideaway where they're serviced by 14-year-old nymphets, the Cabal of evil men running the show would be giving each other high-5s, puffing on expensive Cuban cigars, sipping 12-year-old Scotch, congratulating themselves on the success of their plot - to save the country from itself!


Fast forward to what is really happening as Blacks remain divided about getting the shot. Most of their leaders are endorsing the vaccine. But die-hard anti-vaxxers die-hard. Me, I'm trusting my gut, rejecting the pseudo science and the variations of the conspiracy theories I've been hearing for the past 70 years. At My age, I figure i have nothing to lose.  If times get too tough, I'll just die. 


Actually. it's not like it really matters.  If the pandemic doesn't do us in, the insidious political toxicity gripping the land will bring America to its knees.








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1 hour ago, Pioneer1 said:

So in other words........you don't believe conspiracies to harm people exist?

"In other words" is your ploy to go into your straw man  mode, wherein you will rebut what hasn't been said. In answer to your question, "Do You?" 

35 minutes ago, Mzuri said:

W T F???


I don't know what you are trying to convey 

but it's not working.

Well since i couldn't start a new post, i added my commentary to an existing one of mine. When Troy unblocked me. i copied the old thread and reposted it as a new post. The comments made by ProfD and Delano were so interesting i wanted to retain them, but i guess that's too confusing,so i will delete what they said. Sorry you couldn't figure it out.

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3 minutes ago, Pioneer1 said:

Yes, but it doesn't answer my question. 
Do you or do you NOT believe that conspiracies to harm Black people exist?
It's a fairly simple and straight forward question.

I don't choose to answer your question. I  don't play by your rules. If you can't deal with that, too bad.

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