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African-American Radio in the Desert.


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That's awesome. 


I hope @Pioneer1 sees this thread as we discussed AfroAmerican owned radio a few weeks ago.


@Cynique, look at the staff of this AfroAmerican owned media company and the communities they choose to give a voice. Ties into what I just posted about the tables being turned. This is what black folks would do. 😎

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Yes sir, I see it.....and I think it's a good thing.
We need more BROADCASTING media.....not just social media where our views and communications are limited as well as the audience.

As I've said before numerous times, AfroAmericans actually used to own FAR more radio stations, newspapers, and magazines than we do today.
Especially before the 1980s.

Many of our people have become intellectually lazy compared to the 1940s and 50s where we had Black radio stations, news papers, and even most Black highschools had it's own Black news paper.

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