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The Savion Sequence


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Beneath the endless sands of the Sahara lies a secret, one of epic proportions that, if uncovered, would shatter mankind’s current perceptions of all that is past, and all that is possible. The Savion Sequence is the compelling account of one man’s unwitting path of discovery, a journey that takes troubled historian Brigham Elijah back through his own childhood experiences and the metaphysical secrets they contain. Returning to North Carolina upon the gruesome murder of his uncle and mentor, Savion Elijah, Brigham is challenged by the late professor’s bizarre death, the coded messages he left behind, and the powerful society of men vested with keeping an age-old secret–secret. This is a story of signs and symbols, of coveted knowledge and ancient truths, and of one man’s ultimate quest to uncover mankind’s hidden legacy.

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Yeah it is a compeling book trialer.

Here is a link to the publishers website: http://brandnuwords.com/the_savion_sequence.html

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Wow! I'm impressed; a thoroughly professional presentation on both the verbal and visual level.

You had me at "metaphysical". As a fan of esoteric subject matter, this book sounds like just my cup of tea.

Thank you for your feedback on the The Savion Sequence trailer, Cynique and Troy... We're researching the affiliate program Troy spoke about as well so we can keep our money in our pocket... Thanks again...

Amari/Brand Nu

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Connie I just migrated your not so "mimi" review on to the new website: http://aalbc.org/books/bookreview.php?isbn13=9780974814278 it really was well written and would probably interest folks would would actually enjoy reading the book that might not otherwise do it were it not for your review.

Interestingly I've come become friendly with Amari (the author of this book), and have collaborated with him a couple of projects.  He is really serious when it come to this subject matter.  

I'm going to share this review with Amari again.  I'm going to email it to him, 'cause, like a real Man :-) he does not do Facebook.


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