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Why Did Oprah scrub all evidence of throwing Tommy Hilfinger off her show

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What is the issue here??? Tommy Hilfinger came on the scene back in 1985 and his line of clothing was, indeed, popular among my kids and their crowd, who were all black. I don't remember Oprah ever throwing him off her show and I was a regular watcher of it. I do remember her going off on an author whose book she had chosen for her book club and which was later found out to be a book made up of lies. Rumors did crop up about Tommy being miffed by who was buying his merchandize but his appearance on Oprah's quickly supplanted these earlier rumors , which is why blacks continued to be among his best customers.  By the time social media came on the scene 20 years later in 2004 for FaceBook and 2006 for Twitter, Tommy's popularity had waned and the internet was not interested in him -  until now. 


What is this cherrypicked You Tube sound byte trying to prove??? Who is being outed Tommy or Oprah? 

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2 hours ago, Troy said:

Do cis-gender men actually watch Oprah?

I had watched that episode because she threw him off. It was a big deal seeing a Black woman throw a white man off her show. I remember very clearly because it was like the scene in the Mighty Quinn when Denzel said Get off my Island White man.

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