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Whoopi Told The Truth

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Not sure if anyone covered this issue since the controversy a week ago but Whoopi got in trouble for claiming that the Holocaust wasn't because of race.
They even suspended her for that comment.

Well......she's right.

Jews...for the most part....are NOT a separate race from the rest of Caucasians.
They are part of the same race.

There ARE some Black and mixed race Jews, but they are a relative minority.  The vast majority are Caucasian (White).

Jews are an ETHNICITY...not a race.
They are bound together not by blood but by culture and history.
The only difference between them and other White folks are their religious and cultural practices, and sometimes THAT isn't even different.

The only time race comes into account is in the fact that most Jews have a lot of African ancestry in their distant past....so like Italians and Greeks....they aren't "pure" Caucasians.
And that's one of the reasons they were targeted by the Nazis.

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Yep. There's a thread about this topic but it's all good.  Welcome back bro. 


Jews got that juice if/when anyone comes against them. Anybody can get it.


The kid with a lemonade stand will be called an antisemite and shutdown if they say the wrong thing.😁😎

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