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African American Digital Technology Innovators

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From youtube: Iddris Sandu discusses his journey from a young aspiring engineer to a technologist, as well as the role of technology as an agent for sustainable change in the Black Lives Matter movement (in the US, the diaspora, and across the continent of Africa). Paving the way for those who might one day be deemed an "Architectural Technologist", Iddris Sandu is a pioneering young technologist seeking to level the playing field for fellow African youth & other marginalized groups. Having worked with the likes of creatives such as Nipsey Hussle and Louis Vuitton & Off-White's Virgil Abloh, Iddris has been making waves since before he turned 18. Not only is Iddris breaking ground in the use of emerging technology in creative spaces, but also in creating unique and sustainable designs to impact some of the most vulnerable populations in society.

I follow this trend but since "clayton bigsby" pop up in the forum time to time, I think I'll maintain this thread when I discover new information about technologists from the African Diaspora...


Meet Alan Emtage, the Black Technologist Who Invented ARCHIE, the First Internet Search Engine

Internet search has had a profound impact on our own internal makeup—on how we learn, and how we think.
https://daily.jstor.org/alan-emtage-first-internet-search-engine/#:~:text=But it's worth revisiting that,FTP servers%3A “ARCHIE.”



"At a time when “googling” has become the generic term for conducting an internet search, it can be hard to remember that search had a long history before Google came along. But it’s worth revisiting that past during Black History Month, because the pre-Google era saw one of the most momentous black contributions to the development of the internet: the invention of internet search itself, by Alan Emtage."

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1 hour ago, Mel Hopkins said:

I follow this trend but since "clayton bigsby" pop up in the forum time to time...

Between @Troy coming up with Uncle Ruckus and now your comment, there is no  is no shortage of hilarity on the forum.🤣😎

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Justin Edmund, recognized as one of the top digital product designers in the world, help create the world's largest vision board "Pinterest."  Justin was Pinterest’s 7th employee. Today he is one of the most sought-after digital designers. When he's not working on his own projects, he's fielding consulting request from the top global software companies.   


Here's what Business Insider wrote about him in their 2019 Top 75 Designers article.

"Product Designer, Pinterest
Social bookmarking site Pinterest has sparked a major revolution in web design, with many sites blatantly copying Pinterest's style because it simply works in attracting users. Justin Edmund got his start in 2010 when he interned on Facebook's design team during college. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, Edmund landed a job at Pinterest where he has played a crucial role in the building the site's look and feel.

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