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Akron Police Arrest Protesters

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Adding insult to injury, Akron police arrest protesters. They weren't being destructive or violent. 


Akron police have enough questions to answer considering how they mowed that young man down. Yet, they show no empathy. 


The police should be handing out bottled water and doing whatever it takes to make peace with the community they've sworn to protect and serve. 😎

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The question I have is why are these niggaz still out here walking around hollering and slobbering on themselves infront of the same racist devils who KILLED the brother in the first place?

For YEARS now we've known that most of the protests are useless.

All this protesting CLEARLY ain't stopping the race soldiers from continuing to kill.

Just wasting a lot of time and energy running around in circles sweating in the hot sun and acting a fool....until MORE Nazi troopers come along and cuff them and haul them away.

Should we just ignore the death of our brother and let it go?

But we should do WHAT WORKS....not what clearly doesn't.

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@Pioneer1, you're absolutely correct...protests haven't worked when it comes to race soldiers killing folks.


They know the playbook...n8gglets gonna holler and slobber with signs and t-shirts. Celebrity civil rights activists and attorneys will show up. Rinse and repeat.


As we've mentioned already,  the effort should be placed on insuring the police force reflects the community. 😎

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Well brother, looks like YOU have the designated position of "Chief Militant On The Block" now...lol.
I'm too busy working and looking for business opportunities to run my mouth on here now a days.

I had more time during the Covid lockdowns, but now that Biden has INSISTED everything open back up.....it's back to work.

But it seems like you're holding it down pretty good.

One of the things I like about you is that you seem to have more formal education so you can articulate much of my ideas and how I feel about certain issues in an educated way without taking up too much space.

Now I need to find that devilish @Mel Hopkins....lol.
That woman got me all worked up and excited the other day and now she's disappeared on us.
Cynique probably got jealous at the attention she was given me and ran her away...lol


As far as the race soldiers....you do what you can.
I was taught at a young age that when the race-soldiers stop you.....it's all about "yes sir" and "no sir".
That actually has worked for me on many occasions.
I don't know everything the future may hold.....but I can bear witness that so far in the past it has worked.

I wish more of our brothers and sisters would adopt that policy.


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@Pioneer1, appreciate the compliment and vote of confidence bro.


I dig this space brotha Troy has provided for us. It's not social media busy but there's enough substance to make it worth hanging out. 


Like a coffeeshop, I've just plopped into an easy chair to praise, motivate and encourage our people and give my opinions; calling balls and strikes on issues that relate to and/or affect us. 


Our generation was taught manners which carried over into how we dealt with real police officers. They were *friendly* back in the day.


But, two things have happened over the past 30 years,  1)  race soldiers have been deployed into black communities and 2) they have become more militarized.


Nowadays, race soldiers are barking orders at citizens and beating them up. They've got tanks and other former military equipment.


The worst of race soldier clowns are on some different sh8t now when it comes to extortion, drug dealing, selling illegal weapons and killing folks.😎

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You're correct, and do you know who I blame for most of this?




AfroAmericans as a community were and still are in the most powerful position on the planet to not only change the culture of policing in the United State but to also influence how the citizens are treated by their respective law enforcment agenencies all over the world.  But too many of our people would rather smoke dope, party, and bullshit....rather than get down to the business of improving our society.


Take the situation going on in Los Angeles for example.....

They are just now talking about racist White and Latino gangs inside the LAPD and Sheriff's Department as if it's something new.
We've BEEN known there were racist gangs who hunted and targeted Black folks in the LAPD....that's no revelation.
But when Los Angeles had a sizable Black population back in the 70s abd 80s....what did they do about it?


They let the racists on the police department as well as the racist Latino gangs CHASE them out of Los Angeles and California in general and now the few Black folks who still live there are being harassed.


Like Kanye West said, 400 years of slavery was a CHOICE

When he first said it, I thought it was one of the silliest statments in the world.  But the more I thought about it the more accurate and wise it seems.

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@Pioneer1, no matter how he tried to clean it up...Kanye West was on his f'n head when he said antebellum slavery was a choice. That n8gglet should have gotten the sh8t slapped outta him like Will did Chris. 🤣


Otherwise, I agree that black folks should be closing ranks within their own communities to control the sociopolitical dynamics that affect them.


The bottom line is black folks are peaceful and lack the aggression that it takes to dominate and control their own sh8t. It's not a choice. Maybe a biological synapse.


The Supreme Being knows that if/when the black man really wakes up, life will be a lot different but better for everyone on the planet. 😎

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I don't think he even tried to clean it up....lol.
He was rambling on and on about something on TMZ and probably didn't understand what the hell he was saying anyway.

I do think the way he was said it was insulting, insensitive, and inconsiderate.  However for some reason the more and more I thought about it....I just couldn't shake the feeling that there was a bit of wisdom inside that statement regardless of his intentions.

At what point do I as a man say "enough is enough" and would rather die than continue seeing my people go through that type of suffering?
You see the generation before you go through it...you're going through it...now you're 30 years old and see a NEW generation being born to go through it.  With no relief in sight...outside of death.


Obviously it's easy to sit up in 2022 and philosophize it on the internet when I didn't go through it.  But it did give me something to think about.


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Protesters are the ones who MAKE the society better by forcing those in power to change their wicked ways and treat the people better.


I'd say there isn't ENOUGH true protesting (followed up by more affirmative action) going on in society in general.

Not only should there be more protests but people should STOP WORKING on certain jobs and start shutting down aspect of the economy to drive their points home.

This mass protesting is relatively NEW.
It actually started again back in 2014 after the death of either Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown...one of the two...after a huge lull.
Prior to 2014, you didn't see a lot of protesting after the 1970s.

And if you notice, after the protests of the 70s died down....that's when Reagan got in and started reversing a lot of the social and political progress that was made.


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@Pioneer1, America is quick to take up for victims and shame those who blame them for their condition except AfroAmericans. 


They want AfroAmericans to get over the by-products of slavery and existing within a system of white supremacy.


They tell AfroAmericans to pull yourselves up by the bootstraps and everything will be fine.


While plenty of us are successful, we still aren't *free*. We're reminded of it every day. 


That's why they will let a Kanye West be rich but he acts like a lost, batsh8t crazy man. That n8gglet knows he isn't free. He's confused.


In the grand scheme of things, the same goes for AfroAmericans across the board. We're rudder-less. No code.


Reminds me of the way ants run around when the colony gets f8cked up. 😁😎

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To be honest, I don't think most of these niggaz are CAPABLE of getting on code in the first place.

They don't have the mental capacity or emotional stability to understand and practice a code of conduct that would unite them toward progress.
Not most.

This is why I say we should focus on those Black people who ARE capable of doing so and waste no more time with dead weight.

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@Pioneer1, surely, it would only take a few on code to bring more around and start a movement.


The early Nation of Islam is an example of how it could work. They cleaned up lost and wayward brothas and sistas and taught then how to be men and women; husbands and wives and parents.


Of course, like anything else, the Nation got corrupted, fractured and splintered to the point of less relevance but initially it was a step in the right direction. The remnants of the movement are still on a code.


A movement and people in general need leadership. Regardless of whether that power is concentrated in one person (dictatorship) or several folks (democracy).


Right now, there are too many cats to be herded. Imagine a classroom filled with kids doing everything except listening to their teacher. 😎

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The question is.....
When it comes to our people, what percentage generates a CRITICAL MASS effect that influences a flow of others?


Because there ARE many AfroAmericans on point and doing the thing right now, but it doesn't seem to be enough to influence the masses.

Like you said, a movement needs leadership.

Lately I've been wondering whether we LACK leadership....or if there's TOO MUCH leadership to choose from.

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@Pioneer1,  AfroAmerican leadership was neutered when MLK Jr. was assassinated. 


The Civil Rights movement was the last thing resembling an agenda that a large number of AfroAmericans could rally around.


Once they gave AfroAmericans affirmative action and a few trinkets making it easier to assimilate into society...folks breathed a sigh of relief and walked away as if the crime scene had been cleaned up.


As mentioned here, there's no shortage of intelligent AfroAmericans. I believe we have been socially diluted and strategically dispersed and left to chase other sh8t that has little or nothing to do with building an AfroAmerican infrastructure. 😎

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2 hours ago, ProfD said:

Sh8t...I hope you're not working for Herschel Walker. That n8gglet is leading in the polls.🤣😎

Not in any Georgia polls thank goodness LOL! These are the same folks who left the presidential part of the ballot empty -so not to vote for 45.   😲

I'm working on a crowdfunding campaign for  digital technology products.

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Mel Hopkins


You should run for office yourself.


Black folks already have the financial game sown up down in Georgia, now it's time to establish  a solid foundation politically.

Not sure about your position on racial issues but something tells me you'd defend women's rights to the core.





I hope you're not working for Herschel Walker. That n8gglet is leading in the polls.


Don't tell me THAT silly ass nigga is leading!

That clown can barely even TALK.
He sounds like Charles Barkley after a couple 40 ounces.

I knew he was an embarassment to Black men when he came on giving that speech at the Republican National Convention with something greasy on his lips.


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@Pioneer1, I torture myself by watching those political conventions on both sides of the aisle.


I could only shake my head when I saw and heard Herschel Walker sounding like a an ex-slave or punch drunk boxer:

Reminded me of this scene from Harlem Nights.🤣😎

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On 7/10/2022 at 6:08 PM, Pioneer1 said:

you'd defend women's rights to the core.

@Pioneer1 You know that’s right!  I would be a “Shirley Chisolm” candidate who fights for freedom.  I’d also work to make folks get  the “eff out of Black people’s way.  Do you know how far we would be if the powers that be would stop putting up literal and figurative roadblocks to prevent our progress.  


Also, from where I sit, it doesn’t seem like people want to be “free.” Many people want to be “led” or need a “leader. I’m not a leader - I’m an organizer. But thanks to Stacey Abrams I see that can work too.  Having said all that - the true power in politics is what you and I do -actually what we all do here support and work with movements that we believe in like helping @Troy with #readingblack.com

This is where real policy is born. 


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