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Are you taking your vitamins and supplements? I was listening to Dr Oz on the radio the other day and he said to avoid eating junk food 🥘 on the road he kept nuts in the car.


He said the body doesn’t crave calories, it craves nutrients. I think he is right. A few weeks ago I had started using vitamin patches to boost my Immune system.






I found that the combination of drinking more water and using the patch it has caused a decrease in food 🥘 cravings. I just placed an order for the Complete package.




 I would love ❤️ to get more people responses about their experiences. Please visit my Instagram 






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Vitamins and supplements are fine for but eating nutrient rich foods is better for the human body. 


Proper diet and exercise are the real keys to weight loss and good health. 


Consider all of the places on the planet with the most physically fit people. They're not popping pills or pressing patches on themselves.


Physically fit people live a healthy lifestyle from what they eat to how they work and play. 😎

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5 hours ago, daniellegfny said:

It was a tip on how to avoid eating junk food and snacks. Many people looking to change their eating habits may appreciate it. Not everyone is perfect like the commenters here😂

It's about time somebody recognized perfection when they were in the presence of it.....lol

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