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Irene Cara, Star of Fame and Flashdance has Passed Away

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Oh no, I heard about this yesterday.

That was my girl.
The weird thing was I started listening to Flashdance again a few months ago.

I know she PLAYED in the movie Fame but I didn't know she did the song "Fame" too though.
A lot of people didn't know she was Puerto Rican.


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3 hours ago, Pioneer1 said:


What are the Conspiracies?????


Well, the youtuber, Patti Jackson and others insinuate that Ms. Cara was suffering depression and so ... they are hinting at something, but I don't want to speak anything into being true when it may be false. But, yeah, if she was BLACK LISTED and that is why we've not heard much from her in years, then she could have been upset about that. So unfair! She was so talented and beautiful. 





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Depression and mental health in general is an issue that America refuses to deal with seriously.


Mainly because there's less money in the cure for ills than maintenance of them. 


A huge part of capitalism is built on the misfortune of people. Society can do better than making money that way.


I hope that Irene Cara wasn't driven to take her own life but her soul is free and no longer bound to this realm. 😎

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This is why we need more Black (AfroAmerican, African, and AfroLatino) psychologists and psychiatrists not only in the United States but GLOBALLY to deal with the mental problems so many of our people suffer from.

I'm of the belief that if we take control of OUR OWN healthcare systems instead of relying on Caucasian systems, we'd come up with not just effective treatments but the actual CURES for most if not all of the ailments so many of our people possess be they mentally or physically.
Dr.Sebi cured a lot of diseases by himself as just one individual.

Most people who haven't experienced them don't understand how REAL Depression and other mental problems are.
They think Depression and Anxiety are like any emotion you can turn on and off at will or calm yourself down after a few moments.
Seriously mentally ill people have chemical and in many cases brain structural problems BEYOND their control.

This is one of the reasons I KIND OF like what Mayor Adams is doing in New York by forcing a lot of the mentally ill homeless people off the streets and involuntarily institutionalizing them.   We have to see where he's going with it, but it HAS to be done and should have been done decades ago.
They threw those poor people out on the street without a lifeline hoping they would just die and since then America has been living with it for decades to the point we think it's normal to see crazy people laying around on the sidewalks and piling up on the street.  We think it's their "right" to do that, where as in the past they were understood to be sick and needed help.

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