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Curtis Bunn is a 1-Time Bestselling Author

In 2001, Curtis Bunn crafted his first novel, Baggage Check and watched in amazement as it became a word-of-mouth national success. The audacious, moving, and funny story of Greg, Larry, and Julian blossomed into a must-read for women and book clubs who sought a genuine peek into the psyche of men. Significantly, men embraced the book as an accurate depiction of their mindset, motivations, and resolutions.

It debuted as No. 2 on the Essence bestsellers list and It was on the list for five months, including ascending to No. 1 in August of '01.

Meeting with book clubs to discuss Baggage Check inspired him to create the National Book Club Conference in 2003. It became such a strong coming together of readers and authors that he was named to the "Power List" by Black Issues Book Review Magazine. Now, it is the must-attend literary event of the year.

That Was Then This Is Now is the much-anticipated followup to Baggage Check and it is another literary achievement, a virtual tour inside the minds of men.

Amid the realistic and engaging plots and subplots, you discover the motivations of the male characters as they contend with true-life relationship issues; their innermost thoughts about women and how to deal with them; and insightful male personality idiosyncrasies — vantage points that educate and entertain at once.

As you go on this riveting odyssey with Larry, Julian, and Greg, you will laugh, you will cry and… you will learn. And you will definitely want more.

Just as with its predecessor, this sequel is written with deft prose and honest, raw insight. It is a triumph that begs for another follow-up entry.

Curtis also contributed the short story, “Home Alone” in the anthology, After Hours: Black Men Writing On Erotica.

Curtis, who lives near Atlanta, has a son, Curt, and a daughter, Gwen (Bunny).

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