D. Amari Jackson

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D. Amari Jackson is a media specialist, published author and an award-winning journalist with two decades of national experience. He is a former recipient of the George Washington Williams Fellowship, a national project of the Independent Press Association.

Amari is author of the 2011 novel, The Savion Sequence. He is currently working on a third book to be released in 2016. An active ghost writer and song writer, his works have appeared in a wide variety of national and regional publications including The Progressive, In These Times, Shelterforce, Rethinking Schools and The Independent Weekly.

Amari is also the creator of the popular internet show, The Book Look and writer of the song “Stars All Fall”. He is one of the founders of ABLE (Alliance for Black Literature and Entertainment).

Music Video “Stars All Fall
Artist - Zion Birdsong, Song Written by D. Amari Jackson.

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2 Books by D. Amari Jackson