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At an early age Faye Thompson had an epiphany. Her baby cousin’s initials spelled a real word—cat. Her love affair with the written word was born and her world was never the same. Perhaps because Faye rarely saw her image reflected in the stories she read, she became the change she wanted to see.

Faye Thompson spent her tenth summer pounding out her first book on her mother’s old manual typewriter. She greeted each dawn with anticipation and learned that summer days meant more than hopscotch, Barbie dolls, and double Dutch. That summer she discovered her purpose.

Thompson had a plan. She created a dream board packed with superlatives and rave reviews from the New York Times, Rex Reed, the Chicago Tribune, and Time magazine, all touting her bestsellers. There was even a quote from Jimmie JJ Walker because even he knew, she decided, that her books were “Dynomite!”

Years later she learned that she had actually created a vision board. Whenever she was discouraged, the young Thompson would take a dream break to recharge her creative battery and imagine the possibilities. She embraced her dream until reality woke her up. Warning: Life is harder than it appears. She buried her purpose.

Thompson returned to school and graduated summa cum laude from York College/CUNY with a bachelor’s degree in psychology as she worked full-time for the federal government. Something was missing.

While mourning her father’s death in Paris, she forced herself to answer one of Oprah’s ifs. If your life were to end tomorrow, what would you most regret not having done? Another epiphany revealed itself. It was time to birth those books.

Thompson’s ten-year search for a publisher ended after a chance meeting with New York Times bestselling author Carl Weber. In Her Mother’s Shadow was released in 2006. Cheesecake and Teardrops and Red-Hot Pepper soon followed.

Faye Thompson’s ultimate goal is always the same. The author utilizes her God-given passion for writing to restore the gift of hope. As it graces her home, that now-framed vision board serves as a fond reminder. Faye Thompson is meticulously polishing her next drama-laced gem. Dreams really do come true. Visit www.fayethompson.com

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