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William Jonathan Drayton Jr. was born March 16, 1959. He is best known professionally as Flavor Flav the hype-man of the hip hop group Public Enemy, which he co-founded in 1985 with Chuck D.

Public Enemy, which was one of the most influential and politically conscious hip-hop groups of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The group's music addressed issues such as racism, poverty, and social injustice, and helped to raise awareness of these issues among young people.

Flav became a popular television personality in the early 2000s, thanks to his appearances on reality shows such as "The Surreal Life," "Flavor of Love," and "Celebrity Wife Swap." His colorful personality, quirky catchphrases, and trademark oversized clock necklace made him a favorite of many viewers.

Flavor Flav has also had a significant impact on the fashion world. His unique style, which often featured brightly colored clothing, oversized hats, and large sunglasses, has influenced many other musicians and fashion designers over the years.

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