Heather Covington

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Heather Covington is the founder and CEO of Disilgold: A Bronx Publishing & Publicity Company Making Waves.

She was born in New York and resides in the Bronx. Her hobbies for years have included The Arts, from designing clothes, writing and producing songs, developing a reading kit for children, interior decorating and motivational speaking, but her favorite love of all time has always been poetry which she accredits to Mr. Langston Hughes for inspiring her to infuse classic rhyme and reason with her original neo-perSOULnal poetry.

As an unpredictable and versatile writer, Heather has been steadily working on The Disilgold Soul Literary Review Magazine: A Bronx Award & Business Directory Publication, highlighting her TOP 1000 DLNA AWARD MEMBERS and consisting of local Bronx residents, authors, national businesses, quality writing related services and people who have been motivational and beneficial forces of The Disilgold Community.

When Heather isn’t serving her Disilgold Literary Network Association with gratuitous book reviews, interviews or her self-designed ’PerSOULnalities Poem Gram Gifts’ and customized ’Ode To’ Tributes as the dubbed ’Bronx Poetical Publicist of The Stars,’ which she has designed for countless friends and members of The Disilgold Community, she’s promoting her dual ’PerSOULnalites Yours’ Workshop and ’Publishing Pizzaz ’Seminar to help aspiring writers to overcome negativity, and achieve success.

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