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Marlon James

Marlon Janes was on the cover of Issue #17 (Q1 2007) of Mosaic Literary Magazine

Marlon James was born in Kingston, Jamaica, in 1970. He graduated from the University of the West Indies in 1991 with a degree in literature. His first novel, John Crow’s Devil, was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize. James lives in Kingston.

“When not solving the problem of world hunger or seducing the planet's most beautiful women I'm in a dark, remote corner somewhere with book, reading or writing the damn thing. My poet friend says she has a greater need to write than to live and I think I understand. Sure it's pretentious but I think a writer does write in order to search for meaning or at least to make some sense out of life. I know I do. I believe that people are essentially good but evil is always within us. I believe in God but lock my doors. I believe in freedom but put responsibility first. I have one dog, no guns, too many books and not nearly enough friends to share good wine with.” —Marlon James

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3 Books by Marlon James

Black Power Line
Black Power Line

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