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Neoma Nwasike was born in Manhattan NY and raised in Long Island, Neoma is the second youngest of four children and is the daughter of two immigrant parents from Nigeria. Being raised in a Nigerian household filled with rich culture and traditions, taught Neoma about the importance of hard work and family. During her Senior year of High School, she made the important decision of applying to Medgar Evers College. Medgar Evers was more than just a college for Neoma, in a way it was home. This was her mother’s alma mater and her father had the position of Provost of Medgar Evers in the early 2000’s and then step down to become a professor. Neoma grew up admiring the college and all its Black excellence and there was no other place she could imagine herself going.

It all came to ahead during the final weeks of her Senior year when her father passed away from cancer. It was the most heart wrenching and painful time of Neoma’s life, but Neoma and her tight knit family rallied together and gave each other the motivation to carry on, and only two weeks after her father’s death Neoma walked across the graduation stage and received her high school diploma. Now a undergraduate student at Medgar Evers, Neoma has exceeded her own expectations and has worked hard to ensure a bright future.

She made the Dean’s List her junior year and is continuing to get high grades. She has volunteered at schools reading to children and also loves volunteering at soup kitchens given back to those less fortunate. In her free time she loves writing short stories and plays. She hopes to one day be a script writer for TV and movies. She wants to one day inspire people with her words, especially the Black community, as she writes plays and stories that shines light on the beauty of blackness.

Now [2019] an English major in her senior year, she is looking forward to the future and cannot wait to one day have her works published on a main stage. Her biggest motivation will forever, be her father. She seeks to make him proud and continue to add onto the amazing legacy that he has left for his children. Although, at times, it feels like big shoes to fill, Neoma knows no matter what problem she may face in life, she has the love of her amazing three siblings and kind mother. This will always be the one thing she will forever need to be successful.

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