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Nikki Turner is a Top 100 Bestselling Author Making Our List 26 Times

Nikki Turner “The Queen of Hip Hop Fiction” with’s founder, Troy Johnson,

Raised in the Baptist church, Turner writes her stories for a reason:

“I want young girls to be forewarned about the vicious street life. They only see the glitz and the glamour. They don’t see the dark side.”

Nikki Turner, an Essence best-selling author, and reigning princess of hip-hop fiction.  Turner was working full time, while raising two children as a single parent, when she published A Hustler’s Wife. Turner’s A Hustler’s Wife was a top 10 best selling book on in 2004 and 2005.

Turner is also the lead writer in the best-selling anthology, Girls In Da Hood. Turner’s sophomore novel, A Project Chick (also an bestseller) got the attention of mega-publishing company, Random House.  Turner has now teamed up with Random House, to launch Nikki Turner Presents, a line of urban fiction titles written by new and original authors. The line will publish two to three books each year beginning in 2007.

Turner lives in a suburb of Richmond with her two children.

“If I did nothing else but sell Nikki Turner’s books would still be a profitable web site!”Troy Johnson, founder

Turner inks publishing deal with G-Unit/Pocket Books.

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