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Behind every writer there’s always someone or something that inspired that journey to becoming, for Pamela M. Tuck it was family:

Fortunately for me, my grandfather was the master storyteller in our family. I often tried to imitate his technique by recording myself telling made-up, silly stories and using different voices for my characters. That was confirmation that I too would be added to the list of family story tellers.”—Pamela Tuck

Pamela tuck was always one that valued and honored family. She is an only child who was born and raised in Greenville, North Carolina. Her major contributions to her becoming a children’s writer and author is due to her upbringing and surroundings as a child. When she was a child she immersed herself in books and referred to them as her companions. Before even learning to read she was was always drawn to stories. She used to climb into the lap of a loved one to listen to a story. Her grandfather was also a storyteller and source of entertainment for the family. He used to have her and her cousin’s at his feet telling stories of made up characters that had the children hanging on to his every word in anticipation of what would happen next.

Pamela’s practice of writing became a part of her journey in elementary school when she started writing poems. She entered a poetry contest at her school where she wrote a poem about her grandmother and won first place. This was a turning point along her journey, it was then that she realized that not only was she a poet but that she could win contests so she continued to couple together poetry and storytelling. A long her journey as she ventured off into writing plays, short stories and poems she needed encouragement from time to time as most writers do. Her biggest support system that aided in this was local newspapers, family, friends and teachers. Since then she has continued writing and received countless awards ranging from Lee & Low Books New Voices Award (2007) storytelling world resource award (2015) to her most current award, Land of Enchantment Book Award (Picture Narrative Division) 2015-2016. Her biggest break came in 2017 when SAG-AFTRA Foundation chose to present on Storyline Online, read by actor, DuléHill

Pamela Tuck’s journey to becoming a writer has been filled with many stumbling blocks as well as up and downs but she still continues to persevere with writing being a sense of consolation through it all. She continues to juggle between being a children’s author and juggling motherhood as she raises a family of 11 children. Even though she lost her best friend and husband she doesn’t make light of the fact that she still has a happy family. Her latest children’s book in progress Mother of many details what it’s like raising a family of 11. Family values and morals are deeply embedded within Pamela Tuck. It was her foundation and continues throughout motherhood on her journey to becoming the best author, writer and storyteller that she can become. (photo credit: Troy D. Johnson)

Author profile written by Daisy Copelin.

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