Roland C. Barksdale-Hall

Roland C. Barksdale-Hall photo

Roland C. Barksdale-Hall grew up in a mill town in Western Pennsylvania, where all his siblings were musically gifted, playing several instruments in school marching bands and orchestras. He unfortunately was the misfit and youngest of four. After a series of failed piano lessons at the church parsonage followed by hair-raising trumpet lessons, the music teacher announced to his mother. “You’re wasting your money on this one.” His mom gave up. No more practicing under the pear tree. Whew! The neighborhood was safe again. Yay! He was left to find his course.

Known as Brother Barksdale by his many friends, some years later he still is piping his own tune through call-and-response storytelling, folksy word-picture histories, and holistic family-oriented tales. He enjoys family, gardening, and traveling. He, his wife, and two children live in the same house where he grew up in.

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