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Shaniqka Thomas is a 1-Time Bestselling Author

Shaniqka Thomas is a “vault,” when you tell her something you can guarantee that secret to be kept! This fact rings true for all from strangers, to family members, to old boyfriends, or co-workers. With no judgement and giving no advise where she doesn’t have the experience, Thomas has always been a person people find it easy to talk to. Along with her animated personality and lifestyle, this has helped her to find a multitude of reasons to write, to create… to tell stories.

Thomas finished her first novel My Heart Says This ~ The Invisible Line Between Heartache and Insanity in 2008. After one submission and denial, to the surprise of many, she gave up the thought of having the book published. After much encouragement from family and friends to move forward in her endeavors to be an author, her dreams came true in 2015 when she published. Thomas would like to think that she hails from the Upper East Side, with parents from Brooklyn and Bronx, NY; however, she was born and raised in SC. She grew up with hopes of being a singer and songwriter, but her fear of the stage pulled her in a different direction. This prejudged shortcoming actually lead her on her true path down the yellow brick road of writing. She now works with WOW Productions theater company, managing along side six other amazing women, who have helped in the cultivation of her passions.

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